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Kanto Badges

Badge Name
1.gif Pewter City Badge
2.gif Celurean City Badge
3.gif Vermilion City Badge
4.gif Celadon City Badge
5.gif Saffron City Badge
6.gif Fuchsia City Badge
7.gif Cinnabar Island Badge
8.gif Viridian City Badge

Johto Badges

Badge Name
9.gif Violet City Badge
10.gif Azalea Town Badge
11.gif Goldenrod City Badge
12.gif Ecruteak City Badge
13.gif Olivine City Badge
14.gif Cianwood City Badge
15.gif Mahogany Town Badge
16.gif Blachthorn City Badge

Hoenn Badges

Badge Name
17.gif Rustboro City Badge
18.gif Dewford Town Badge
19.gif Mauville City Badge
20.gif Lavaridge Town Badge
21.gif Petalburg City Badge
22.gif Fortree City Badge
23.gif Mossdeep City Badge
24.gif Sootopolis City Badge

Sinnoh Badges

Badge Name
39.gif Oreburgh City Badge
40.gif Eterna City Badge
41.gif Veilstone City Badge
42.gif Pastoria City Badge
43.gif Hearthome City Badge
44.gif Canalave City Badge
45.gif Snowpoint City Badge
46.gif Sunnyshore City Badge

Elite Four Badges

Badge Name
25.gif Badge #1
26.gif Badge #2
27.gif Badge #3
28.gif Badge #4
29.gif Champion Badge

Orange Islands Badges

Badge Name
139.gif Mikan Island Badge
140.gif Navel Island Badge
141.gif Trovita Island Badge
142.gif Kumquat Island Badge

Kanto Rematch Badges

Badge Name
95.gif Pewter City Rematch Badge
96.gif Cerulean City Rematch Badge
97.gif Vermilion City Rematch Badge
98.gif Celadon City Rematch Badge
99.gif Saffron City Rematch Badge
100.gif Fuchsia City Rematch Badge
101.gif Cinnabar Island Rematch Badge
102.gif Viridian City Rematch Badge

Johto Rematch Badges

Badge Name
103.gif Violet City Rematch Badge
104.gif Azalea Town Rematch Badge
105.gif Goldenrod City Rematch Badge
106.gif Ecruteak City Rematch Badge
107.gif Olivine City Rematch Badge
108.gif Cianwood City Rematch Badge
109.gif Mahogany Town Rematch Badge
110.gif Blackthorn City Rematch Badge

Hoenn Rematch Badges

Badge Name
111.gif Rustboro City Rematch Badge
112.gif Dewford Town Rematch Badge
113.gif Mauville City Rematch Badge
114.gif Lavaridge Town Rematch Badge
115.gif Petalburg City Rematch Badge
116.gif Fortree City Rematch Badge
117.gif Mossdeep City Rematch Badge
118.gif Sootopolis City Rematch Badge

Sinnoh Rematch Badges

Badge Name
119.gif Oreburgh City Rematch Badge
120.gif Eterna City Rematch Badge
121.gif Veilstone City Rematch Badge
122.gif Pastoria City Rematch Badge
123.gif Hearthome City Rematch Badge
124.gif Canalave City Rematch Badge
125.gif Snowpoint City Rematch Badge
126.gif Sunyshore City Rematch Badge

Unova Badges

Badge Name
174.gif Striaton City Badge
175.gif Nacrene City Badge
176.gif Castelia City Badge
177.gif Nimbasa City Badge
178.gif Driftveil City Badge
179.gif Mistralton City Badge
180.gif Icirrus City Badge
181.gif Opelucid City Badge

Kalos Badges

Badge Name
203.gif Santalune City Badge
204.gif Cyllage City Badge
205.gif Shalour City Badge
206.gif Coumarine City Badge
207.gif Lumiose City Badge
208.gif Laverre City Badge
209.gif Anistar City Badge
210.gif Snowbelle City Badge

Team Plasma Badges

Badge Name
163.gif Sage Badge #1
164.gif Sage Badge #2
165.gif Sage Badge #3
166.gif Sage Badge #4
167.gif Sage Badge #5
168.gif Sage Badge #6
169.gif Sage Badge #7
170.gif Plasma Legend Badge
172.gif Real Plasma Legend Badge

Miscellaneous Badges

Badge Name
30.gif TPPC Legend Badge
31.gif Twilight Badge
32.gif Gym Championship Badge
199.gif Gym Championship Rematch Badge
49.gif Baby Tower Badge
50.gif TPPC Radio Contest Winner Badge
82.gif Pokédex Badge
127.gif Unown Ruins Badge
130.gif TPPC Training Challenge Winner Badge
133.gif Eletroshock Badge
153.gif Safari Contest Winner Badge
173.gif Alternate Baby Tower Badge
187.gif Speed Tower Champion Badge
201.gif Speed Tower Daily Winner Badge
202.gif Speed Tower Record Holder Badge
192.gif Frozen Forest Winner Badge
193.gif Charged Whirlpool Winner Badge
194.gif Turboblaze Tower Winner Badge
200.gif Elemental Tower Winner Badge


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