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What is the Battle Roulette

The Battle Roulette is a challenge that was added in October of 2014 that tests your skills as a Pokemon trainer! If you are able to get the daily high score you will be awarded a brand new pokemon for your hard work, and if you get the weekly high score you will be awarded with an extra special pokemon!

How does the Battle Roulette work


After entering the battle, you'll be given six random Pokémon from throughout the RPG. You'll take those six Pokémon and try to defeat as many other random Pokémon as you can. Each Pokémon you receive and each Pokémon you battle will have previously selected moves. Some that do damage and some that modify anything from the weather, your stats, or possibly even your opponent's stats.

Once all your Pokémon faint, the number of wins will be recorded. At the end of every day, the top trainer will receive a special Pokémon prize. The top 10 trainers heading the standings for the current day/week are reflected in tables.

Trainers can participate in the Roulette up to 5 times a day and 20 times per week, starting Sundays at 12:00 AM TPPC Time. Please remember, starting a Roulette battle (whether you defeat any Pokémon or not) counts as an attempt.

How do I enter

Simply go to the Battle Roulette link under 'Challenges' and click "Take A Spin On The Battle Roulette!"


Daily Winner

Weekday Pokémon
Sunday 570.gif DarkZorua
Monday 599.gif DarkKlink
Tuesday 587.gif DarkEmolga
Wednesday 605.gif DarkElgyem
Thursday 619.gif DarkMienfoo
Friday 590.gif DarkFoongus
Saturday 551.gif DarkSandile

Winner of the Week

The weekly prizes appear to cycle through the below list, though the exact cycle of prizes is not known.

Week Pokémon
1 422.gif DarkShellos (Blue)
2 554.gif ShinyDarumaka
3 554.gif DarkDarumaka
4 592.gif DarkFrillish
5 616.gif ShinyShelmet
6 616.gif DarkShelmet
7 592.gif ShinyFrillish
8 582.gif DarkVanillite
9 582.gif ShinyVanillite
10 403.gif ShinyShinx
11 422.gif ShinyShellos (Blue)
12 422.gif DarkShellos (Pink)
13 422.gif ShinyShellos (Pink)

Additional Details

  • You may only enter one account at a time in the Battle Roulette.
  • Only one account for the entire week. You may not use 1 account on Monday, and then a different account on the Tuesday, for example.
  • You need to be Captain rank or above on your team faction to participate in the Battle Roulette.