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Normal Shiny Dark Golden
351M.gif 351M.gif 351M.gif 351M.gif
Normal (Snowy) Shiny (Snowy) Dark (Snowy) Golden (Snowy)
351M-1.gif 351M-1.gif 351M-1.gif 351M-1.gif
Normal (Sunny) Shiny (Sunny) Dark (Sunny) Golden (Sunny)
351M-2.gif 351M-2.gif 351M-2.gif 351M-2.gif
Normal (Rainy) Shiny (Rainy) Dark (Rainy) Golden (Rainy)
351M-3.gif 351M-3.gif 351M-3.gif 351M-3.gif



Snowy (Castform I)

Sunny (Castform F)

Rainy (Castform W)

Base Stats

HP Attack Defense Special Atk Special Def Speed
70 70 70 70 70 70


  • Normal:

Obtained via Secret Swap.

Obtained via Breeding.

Obtained via Memorial Caves.

  • Shiny:

Obtained via Secret Swap.

Past Promo.

  • Dark:

Obtained via Secret Swap.

Past Promo.

  • Golden:

Not Available

Additional Details

  • The other forms (Snowy, Sunny and Rainy) were obtained via the Weatherman Event which happened each time the season changed.
  • The other forms have also been released as Team Stat promos separately.
  • You will only find normal Castform via Memorial Caves.
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