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What Is Secret Swap?

Got a Pokémon you don't really like? Not a problem! We here at TPPC understand what it's like to get a Pokémon you don't want to keep around, that's why we offer you the brand-new Pokémon Secret Swap! Turn that lousy Magikarp into a mighty Tyranitar! Swap your Ditto for a Haunter, or Donphan, or Spinarak, or anything!

The secret swap feature allows you to swap your pokemon for a Normal, Shiny, or Dark Pokémon at the same level, though it is for a small price.

Where Can I Find It?

Secret Swap is found under the Pokémon Trades category. Just click Secret Swap.

Is It Free?

No. The price of your first Normal Secret Swap per day is $100,000, Shiny and Dark Swaps are $500,000 each, and the "Anything Goes" Swap is $250,000. After you've paid for a swap, the prices of the swap will increase for the rest of the day, though the swap cost in tokens will not change. Prices for the Normal Secret Swap will raise to $2,500,000; the Shiny and Dark Swaps will be $10,000,000; and the "Anything Goes" Swap will be $7,500,000. This price will be consistent until the turn of the next TPPC day.

You can also use Swap Tokens. Normal Secret Swap is 1 token, Shiny and Dark Swaps are 5 tokens each, and the "Anything Goes" Swap is 3 tokens.

The "Anything Goes" Secret Swap may swap your Pokémon into a Normal, Shiny or Dark type.

How Can I Get Money?

Money can be obtained by beating other trainers in battle. The item Amulet Coin doubles the amount of money you would normally get.

Another method is from selling pokemon. If your Pokémon is sold and another trainer buys it, you get half of the money from the sale.

How Can I Get Swap Tokens?

Swap Tokens are available exclusively from the Donation Center. For every Pokémon you donate, you get one swap token.

To make donating easier, put all of your valuable pokemon in a second account so you do not have to worry about donating them. After this, put 6 unowns in your roster, this is because unowns aren't asked for at the donation center, so it will never ask for a pokemon in your roster. Next, catch a lot of map pokemon (or do catch them on the beforehand) and then start donating!

List Of Pokémon

Below is a list of Pokémon currently available through Secret Swap. Check out the Secret Swap Unobtainables guide as well.

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