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Normal ♂ Shiny ♂ Dark ♂ Golden ♂
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Normal ♀ Shiny ♀ Dark ♀ Golden ♀
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Base Stats

HP Attack Defense Special Atk Special Def Speed
39 52 43 60 50 65


  • Normal:

Obtained via Breeding.

Starter for Team TPPC.

  • Shiny:

Past Prize from Silph Co.

  • Dark:

Past Prize from Silph Co.

  • Golden:

Golden Day (August 2, 2006).

Additional Details

  • Charmander was the first starter to get goldenized.
  • Charmander is one of the starters for Team TPPC.
  • There used to be a low chance of getting a S/D Charmander upon beating the Silph Co.
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