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What's Discord?

Beside the Forums where you can talk and trade with people, you can also go onto the official TPPC Discord Server! You can go onto the TPPC Discord Server at http://tppcrpg.net/chat.php, or you can join it through a separate discord invite link.

Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for video gaming communities, that specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers (Wikipedia).

Discord is much more efficient than TPPC's previous Chatrooms, IRC, as it is widely accessibly to almost everyone, on basically any platform.

  • You can download Discord onto any mobile device, as a desktop app, or use it directly through your browser.

Sign-Up For Discord Here: https://discordapp.com/

Invite Link: https://discord.gg/SZWRVdE

Discord Roles

Every Discord server has various roles that staff can give to other members. Some roles give certain permissions, such as access to a certain channel.

  • "Verified": The Verified Role confirms that you are who you say you are. Having this role allows you to have access to channels such as #betting. In order to obtain this role, you must verify your Discord account by messaging a staff member on forums with your Discord username and tag (ex: Jeremy#3541).
  • "Verified - Do Not Bet": This role is the same as the Verified role, except it does not allow you to access the #betting channel. You will receive this role if you run from a bet, or if you request it.
  • "Contests": The Contests role allows any user that has the role to receive a notification each time the role is mentioned (ex: @contests), and also allows you to view the #contests channel. This is useful for those who want to be notified when there is an ongoing contest. To receive the Contests role, simply type "!contest" in #tppc or #trades.
  • "Bot Boys": The Bot Boys role is only given to bots.
  • Timeout: This role is given as an alternative to banning users who break the rules. If you receive the role, you will only be able to view the channel #rules-and-announcements until the end of your timeout. The time limit of the timeout varies depending on how serious the offense is.
  • Colored Roles: Any verified user is able to request a staff member to give them one of the various colored roles. All this does is change the color of your name.

Staff Roles

  • "Administrator": Supermoderator and above receive this role.
  • "Moderator": Moderators receive this role.
  • "Assistant": Assistants receieve this role.
  • "Chat Ruler": Given to a select few users who are capable of helping out on the server. Only has the power to give timeouts and edit emotes. Purely Discord staff, has no power elsewhere.

Discord Bots


Dunsparce is the main bot of the TPPC discord server, as it has many uses, some of the commands for these uses will be listed below.

  • "!contest": As mentioned above, this grants access to the #contests channel and allows anyone to notify you when they are holding a contest with the use of @contests.
  • "!roll": Rolls a dice in NdN format. (ex: !roll 1d10)
  • "!ft": Lists what you've got for trade.
  • "!ftadd": Adds items to your "!ft" list.
  • "!ftdel": Deletes items from your "!ft" list.
  • "!id": This command is able to add your own ID or list the IDs of others. (ex: "!id @Jeremy" would display my ID)
  • "!choose": Chooses between multiple choices when given a list. (ex: "!choose true false" would randomly choose true or false)
  • "!help": Shows a list of all Dunsparce's commands.
  • "!rules": Only works in #betting. Shows a list of betting rules.
  • "!awesome": Only works in #betting. Gives you a random awesome rating out of 101.
  • "!a": Only works in #betting. Gives you a random awesome rating out of 101.


  • Please have only one Discord account per person (bots are generally not allowed, with a few special exceptions).
  • Stick to one or just a few nicknames. Do not change nicknames over and over constantly, as this is spam. Keep your nicknames and profiles appropriate. Do not use vulgarities, profanities, etc. in any of them.
  • Keep trades in #trades.
  • All site rules apply in the chatrooms as well, even if you're in a private channel. Do not intersite trade, etc.
  • Respect the staff in the room, including the server staff; if you are asked to stop doing something, please stop. If a staff member says that an issue has been resolved, please do not continue to bug them. It's OK to send them one reminder if you feel they forgot to look at it, but don't spam them if they've already addressed it.
  • If you have an RPG issue and no moderator is on the chat, please PM one on the forum.
    • Do not create posts accusing another user of scamming, cheating, etc. Use the report function, or private message a moderator.
    • Do not bug a staff member about a ban that is not yours. Ban issues are between the person whose account is banned and the moderator who set the ban... no one else.
  • Do not abuse bots or any of the server functions. Do not purposely spam these, or use them in a manner that is harmful or against their original design. If you wish to use scripts multiple times, please go to the #botspam channel.
    • Placing pokemon bets and playing the !awesome script is ONLY permitted in the channel #betting, nowhere else. Betting is at your own risk. Moderators generally cannot send/give you any pokemon you 'won' if the other player runs out. Those who scam using bets can be stripped of bet privileges or be banned in other ways if it is deemed necessary. You must follow RPG rules when doing bets (no 'intersite bets', bets for cash, etc.).
  • Be respectful and polite to others. Do not flame, harass/annoy others, or use foul language. Keep the general atmosphere somewhat kid friendly. 'Censoring' profanities is still not appropriate.
    • It is not OK to mistreat moderators simply because they are higher status. If you think a moderator is breaking a rule, report them to another higher moderator. Do not take it upon yourself to 'handle' it.
  • Do not impersonate or pretend to be anyone you're not.
    • You may not offer to trade Pokemon out of any account that you don't own.
    • Selecting a unique/well-known forum/chat nickname that belongs to someone else can get you banned.
  • Please do not type words in all capitals or post a large amount of keyboard-mashing/nonsense.
  • English only. We know many diverse people play TPPC, but we require English for purposes of best communication and moderation.
  • Posting of others' personal information is not allowed for any reason.
    • Gathering and sharing personal information of others amongst yourselves also falls under this rule, and is not allowed.
  • Do not beg. This stands no matter if it's for free Pokemon or if it's for powers or status. Asking to be a moderator will only lower your chances.
  • The best attempts are made at moderation, however the chat is externally hosted and not owned or operated by TPPC. If you have concerns about content, consider visiting the Trainer's Corner instead.