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What is The Donation Center?

The Donation Center is the place where you can donate your own Pokémon in exchange for Swap Tokens to help make Secret Swapping for a particular Pokémon much cheaper and easier!

How it works

Once at the Donation Center you will be told what Pokémon the Donation Center is accepting, and if you don't have that Pokémon all you have to do is refresh the page and it will ask for a different one. After you donate the Pokémon you desire to donate, you will receive a Swap Token.

You cannot donate Pokémon in your roster, Pokémon that you have marked as no interest in trading will be highlighted red to prevent yourself from donating the wrong Pokémon.

Donation Guide

To make donating easier, put all of your valuable Pokémon in a second account so you do not have to worry about donating them. After this, put 6 unowns in your roster, this is because unowns aren't asked for at the donation center, so it will never ask for a Pokémon in your roster. Next, catch a lot of map pokemon (or catch them beforehand). Next go to the Donation Center and begin refreshing until you come across a Pokémon you wish to donate. Now you can begin donating!