Evolution Gym

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Trainer: Evolva

Level Limit: None


Types: Normal

Badge: None

Additional Details

  • Evolva's Eevee is holding Polkadot Bow.
  • The Evolution Gym is used to evolve certain Pokémon unable to evolve at the Evolution Center.
  • It is also used to goldenize Pokémon during Golden Day.
  • A pokémon needs to be the active pokémon on the turn you win the battle on in order to evolve at the Evolution Gym.
  • It's possible to evolve a pokémon this way without it gaining experience by using Toxic with another pokémon and switching to the pokémon that you wish to evolve on the turn Evolva's Eevee is going to faint. The pokémon will not gain experience, but will still evolve.
  • The Evolution Gym was introduced to the RPG on July 26, 2000. Seel was the first Pokémon to evolve through it.