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Normal ♂ Shiny ♂ Dark ♂ Golden ♂
592M.gif 592M.gif 592M.gif 592M.gif
Normal ♀ Shiny ♀ Dark ♀ Golden ♀
592F.gif 592F.gif 592F.gif 592F.gif


  • National Dex: # 592
  • Evolves From: None
  • Evolves Into: Jellicent (Level 400)
  • Generation: Generation V
  • Type(s): Water / Ghost
  • Gender: /
  • Egg Group(s): Indeterminate

Base Stats

HP Attack Defense Special Atk Special Def Speed
55 40 50 65 85 40


  • Normal:

Obtained via Breeding.

  • Shiny:

Obtained via TPPC Battle Roulette (1st Place for the Week).

  • Dark:

Obtained via TPPC Battle Roulette (1st Place for the Week).

Obtained via 2014 Halloween Event.

  • Golden:

Not available.

Additional Details

  • Frillish used to be obtained via Dark Cave at certain times of the day during the week before Halloween 2012.
  • DarkFrillish used to be obtained via defeating DarkFrillish during the 2014 Halloween Event.
  • To find the DarkFrillish battle, during the 2014 Halloween Event, the user had to put either Darkglasses or Spell Tag to their starting Pokemon, and search for a 'Ghost' on the rpg.
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