Lillith's Memorial

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Who is Lillith

Lillith was an assistant who passed away. She was well known for her kindness and her helpfulness towards the TPPC community.

R.I.P. Lillith

What is Lillith's Memorial

It is a tribute to honor our beloved assistant. This event was created shortly after her untimely death. The event requires you to have some of her favorite Pokémon to unlock it.

How do I find it

First, you will need this roster in any order:

Once you have your roster set up, head on over to Memorial Caves, the name will be changed to Lillith's Memorial with a link where you can pay your respects on the Trainer's Corner.

Simply keep clicking until you find a Victini. This could take several minutes to several hours. Just keep trying.

The Battle

  • Reward: 494.gif Victini - Level 5
  • Badge: None


  • Lynsey for writing and adding this guide to the Wiki.
  • Lillith for being the amazing person that she was.


  • The user Poe worked with Shrimpy to create this event, as he was very close to her.
  • The Pokémon required to unlock the event are some of Lillith's favorite Pokémon.
  • Victini is also known as the Victory Pokemon.