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Normal Shiny Dark Golden
151M.gif 151M.gif 151M.gif 151M.gif


  • National Dex: #151
  • Evolves From: None
  • Evolves Into: None
  • Generation: Generation I
  • Type(s): Psychic
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Egg Group(s): No EGGs

Base Stats

HP Attack Defense Special Atk Special Def Speed
100 100 100 100 100 100


  • Normal:

Past Prize from Silph Co.

  • Shiny:

Not Available.

  • Dark:

Not Available.

  • Golden:

Not Available.

Additional Details

  • There used to be a 1/600 chance of getting a Mew upon beating the Silph Co.
  • Mew was voted for the Special Saturday promo on July 21, 2001.
  • Mew was given out to the winner of the TPPC Art Contest in 2010.
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