Million Battle March

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What Was the Million Battle March?

Million Battle March was a special month long challenge that happened in March of 2013 that tested trainer's devotion to all Pokémon across the globe.

How the March Worked

The goal was to show support for all Pokémon, which means trainers had to use all Pokémon and not just their favorite. To do this, they had to battle the Rally Organizer with as many different Pokémon as they could. Every time the organizer was beaten, the Pokémon that was active when the opponent's last Pokémon fainted was be added to the list of Pokémon marching.


Many prizes were awarded. In addition to a prize for having the most Pokémon marched, a prize was also given to the team with the most marched Pokémon. If that isn't enough, if the goal of 1,000,000 marched Pokémon was hit everyone who participated would get a special prize. There was also a prize for the most Pokémon marched in a given day! At the end there was an extra prize for most days marched.

The Prizes were:

For winning team (Team TPPC):

For most days marched:

For most Pokémon marched:

For most Pokémon marched in a single day: