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What is a Mod Pokémon?

A mod pokemon is a pokemon that is given out as a contest prize by one of the staff members. Each staff member ranked moderator or above is given the choice of their own mod pokemon. Most mod pokemon are only given out on occasion and are rare.

Which Pokémon are Mod Pokémon?

Here is a list of all Mod Pokemon, past and present, and whose Mod Pokemon it is.

Image Name Mod
032M.gif DarkNidoranM kobk
104M.gif DarkCubone Plastic
128M.gif DarkTauros Darkheart
151M.gif ShinyMew kobk
161M.gif DarkSentret Plastic
228M.gif DarkHoundour Illuminati (Liz)
246M.gif GoldenLarvitar Kife
250M.gif ShinyHo-Oh Kife
250M.gif DarkHo-Oh Kife
250M.gif GoldenHo-Oh Kife
251M.gif ShinyCelebi Nino
251M.gif DarkCelebi Space Cowboy
258M.gif GoldenMudkip Nino
349M.gif ShinyFeebas Deimos
386M.gif GoldenDeoxys Piggachew
403M.gif DarkShinx Gk
408M.gif ShinyCranidos Keviiin
408M.gif DarkCranidos Cataclysmic
418M.gif ShinyBuizel Shellie
443M.gif ShinyGible NeRo
443M.gif DarkGible Piggachew
447M.gif DarkRiolu Crepsley
522M.gif ShinyBlitzle Darkheart
585M.gif GoldenDeerling Darkheart
627M.gif ShinyRufflet Cataclysmic
633M.gif ShinyDeino NeRo
633M.gif DarkDeino Piggachew
636M.gif ShinyLarvesta Tim
636M.gif DarkLarvesta Tim
679M.gif ShinyHonedge Tim
679M.gif DarkHonedge Tim
690M.gif ShinySkrelp NeRo
690M.gif DarkSkrelp NeRo
696M.gif DarkTyrunt Piggachew
704M.gif ShinyGoomy ToxiCity
704M.gif DarkGoomy ToxiCity
708M.gif ShinyPhantump Zepp
714M.gif ShinyNoibat Gin.A
742M.gif ShinyCutiefly Jigglypuff
744M.gif ShinyRockruff Tyroniter
744M.gif DarkRockruff Tyroniter
757M.gif ShinySalandit Space Cowboy
759M.gif ShinyStufful Tyroniter
759M.gif DarkStufful Tyroniter
774M.gif ShinyMinior Tim
778M.gif ShinyMimikyu ToxiCity
782M.gif ShinyJangmo-o Gin.A
782M.gif DarkJangmo-o Gin.A



  • Credits to the staff for their work and contests.
  • Credits to Jzero and Tyroniter for creating the page, and Ruanmed for updating.