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What is the SS Anne


The SS Anne is an endurance battle with your starting six Pokémon. Using those six Pokémon, you'll battle an opposing trainer who has a boat's worth of Pokémon at his disposal. The battle doesn't stop until all of your Pokémon have fainted!

Once all your Pokémon faint, the number of battles you've won will be recorded on the leaderboard. At the end of every day, the trainers who have the Top 3 scores will each receive special Pokémon prizes.

How do I enter

Simply go to the SS Anne link and click "All Aboard The SS Anne!"


  • Winner:
Day of the week Pokémon
Sunday 682.gif ShinySpritzee
Monday 684.gif ShinySwirlix
Tuesday 686.gif ShinyInkay
Wednesday 688.gif ShinyBinacle
Thursday 698.gif ShinyAmaura
Friday 703.gif ShinyCarbink
Saturday 676.gif ShinyFurfrou

Special Prize

"As a new twist there where added a new challenge to SS Anne, if you win the SS Anne Endurance Battle by more than the most wins someone has ever won by, but never less than 200, your normal prize will be replaced by an extra special Golden Pokémon!"

Note: As this number is on constant change it's recommended to check the SS Anne page on RPG.

The number of battles you must exceed second place by is reflective of the record difference between first and second place.

The special prize is a 721.gif GoldenVolcanion.

Past rewards

Prizes (since the release of TPPC v8 until May 30th, 2012):

Prizes (from May 30th, 2012 until December 25th, 2018):

  • Winner:
Day of the week Pokémon
Sunday 570.gif ShinyZorua
Monday 599.gif ShinyKlink
Tuesday 587.gif ShinyEmolga
Wednesday 605.gif ShinyElgyem
Thursday 619.gif ShinyMienfoo
Friday 590.gif ShinyFoongus
Saturday 551.gif ShinySandile

Special Prize: 649.gif GoldenGenesect

Additional Information

  • Trainers can only have one record added to the leaderboard per day, meaning if you win 10 battles your first go around, then come back and only win 8, your earlier record will be replaced. However, it's important to note that the number of battles you've won is only recorded when all of your Pokémon have fainted, leaving you the option of leaving a battle early.
  • In the case of a leaderboard tie all trainers tied at a certain number of battles won will receive the prize. For example, if three trainers are tied in first place with 20 wins, all three trainers will receive the first place prize.
  • The day your wins are recorded for is the day you start the battle. If you start a battle on the 3rd and then don't lose until the 4th, your wins will not count for the SS Anne competition on the 4th.