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Intro to Guide

In order to get Shaymin, you will need to correctly follow the steps below. Patience is key when trying to obtain this Pokemon. You will need the following:

Secret Key Event

To start off, on a random day of the month, the Radio Tower will get overrun by Team Rocket. You will be given the chance to battle against them in order to win an item which unlocks another event. This item is the Secret Key. If you obtain it, you will be given access to phase 2 of the Shaymin Quest.

Rocket Grunt


Reward: Secret Key (low chance)


  • Once you have obtained the Secret Key, attach it to your starter Pokémon.
  • Head over to the Dark Islands Map and search until you are able to locate the Underground Passage. It will read the following:

"What's This? Looks like some sort of weird passage. There's a heavy lock on the door -- I wonder if the Secret Key will pop open the lock?"

  • Note: The Underground Passage will appear like a Turf Battle, covering up your entire page.
  • You will then be led to a battle against the Missing Radio Engineer.

Missing Radio Engineer


Reward: Gracidea

Final Phase: Shaymin

  • Now that you have obtained a Gracidea, attach it to your starter.
  • Search any map until you're directed to a page with the following message:

"A Wild Pokémon Has Appeared! Battle Now!"

  • Note: This page will also appear like a Turf Battle, covering up your entire page.

???'s Pokemon


Reward: 492.gif Shaymin - Level: 5

Additional Details

  • Your Gracidea item will break once you obtain a Shaymin.
  • You can evolve Shaymin into its Sky Forme by attaching a Gracidea and defeating the Evolution Gym. The item will break once again.
  • If you want to de-evolve your Shaymin from Sky to Land Forme, attach a Gracidea to it and defeat the Evolution Gym again.


  • Xaine for writing the original guide and editing it into the Wiki.