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These are some various tips and hints you can follow from a veteran player on how to possibly obtain profit, and or rare Pokemon you have been looking for. This guide is for people who just want to make profit, and are set for a much higher goal than something that is relatively easy to get.

My hints and tips require you to have these

A. A Trainer's Corner account

B. Some sort of rare Pokemon to work with (Golden, Unobtainable, etc)

C. Patience

1. Start off by posting a thread of course with what you want to trade. Do not specify what you are trading for and never give a rate out on what you are trading. You can never earn profit if you set a value on your Pokemon. That does not mean to go overboard with what you're expecting for it.

2. Do your research between checking your thread and seeing what is popular/ what people like/ don't like. This means checking nearly every thread that pops up in the trade section so you can have the best idea of what everything is going for.

3. Never trade for something that is going to take too long to trade if it's all you're going to end up with after a trade.

4. A tip from me that would basically say what you should trade for is highly demanded goldens, and anything else that is high in demand. That's just how trading works here. Everything else is annoying, or takes too long to trade.

5. Look for deals to take like this for example: Person A is trading Mudkip and wants (what you have here). Person C who is unrelated in this thread wants Mudkip but doesn't have what Person A wants, and what they are offering is worth more than what you are giving to Person A. Proceed to trade these 2 people and you have made profit.

6. Never end up in the bad spot in a trade. This can be avoided by doing tip #2

7. Follow these steps and hopefully you can obtain enough profit, and obtain that pokemon that has been out of your reach.

Please leave a note on the discussion page if you have something to add here instead of adding it directly. Thanks. ~ Acrytex