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Normal Shiny Dark Golden
201M-20.gif 201M-16.gif 201M-16.gif 201M-3.gif


  • National Dex: #201
  • Evolves From: None
  • Evolves Into: None
  • Generation: Generation II
  • Type(s): Psychic
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Egg Group(s): No EGGs

Base Stats

HP Attack Defense Special Atk Special Def Speed
48 72 48 72 48 48


  • Normal:

Obtained via Caverns of Alph.

Past Promo. (Only UnownD, UnownK, UnownZ and Unown!)

  • Shiny:

Obtained via Caverns of Alph with Alph Glyph attached to starter.

Past Promo. (Only ShinyUnownE)

  • Dark:

Obtained via Caverns of Alph with Alph Glyph attached to starter.

  • Golden:

Not Available.

Additional Details

  • Unowns cannot be donated to the donation center in exchange for swap tokens.
200.gif Misdreavus | 201.gif Unown | 202.gif Wobbuffet

Alphabet Soup

Normal Shiny Dark Golden Normal Shiny Dark Golden
201M-1.gif 201M-1.gif 201M-1.gif 201M-1.gif 201M-2.gif 201M-2.gif 201M-2.gif 201M-2.gif
201M-3.gif 201M-3.gif 201M-3.gif 201M-3.gif 201M-4.gif 201M-4.gif 201M-4.gif 201M-4.gif
201M-5.gif 201M-5.gif 201M-5.gif 201M-5.gif 201M-6.gif 201M-6.gif 201M-6.gif 201M-6.gif
201M-7.gif 201M-7.gif 201M-7.gif 201M-7.gif 201M-8.gif 201M-8.gif 201M-8.gif 201M-8.gif
201M-9.gif 201M-9.gif 201M-9.gif 201M-9.gif 201M-10.gif 201M-10.gif 201M-10.gif 201M-10.gif
201M-11.gif 201M-11.gif 201M-11.gif 201M-11.gif 201M-12.gif 201M-12.gif 201M-12.gif 201M-12.gif
201M-13.gif 201M-13.gif 201M-13.gif 201M-13.gif 201M-14.gif 201M-14.gif 201M-14.gif 201M-14.gif
201M-15.gif 201M-15.gif 201M-15.gif 201M-15.gif 201M-16.gif 201M-16.gif 201M-16.gif 201M-16.gif
201M-17.gif 201M-17.gif 201M-17.gif 201M-17.gif 201M-18.gif 201M-18.gif 201M-18.gif 201M-18.gif
201M-19.gif 201M-19.gif 201M-19.gif 201M-19.gif 201M-20.gif 201M-20.gif 201M-20.gif 201M-20.gif
201M-21.gif 201M-21.gif 201M-21.gif 201M-21.gif 201M-22.gif 201M-22.gif 201M-22.gif 201M-22.gif
201M-23.gif 201M-23.gif 201M-23.gif 201M-23.gif 201M-24.gif 201M-24.gif 201M-24.gif 201M-24.gif
201M-25.gif 201M-25.gif 201M-25.gif 201M-25.gif 201M-26.gif 201M-26.gif 201M-26.gif 201M-26.gif
201M-27.gif 201M-27.gif 201M-27.gif 201M-27.gif 201M-28.gif 201M-28.gif 201M-28.gif 201M-28.gif