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You was here?

ruanmed say: Ohay! Who is here?
BabyBichu said:I am here.
BabyBichu said: The extension is called Stylish.
ruanmed said: Ahhh, I use stylebot to make css styles, I will download the Stylish and try to adapt the theme that I made.
BabyBichu said:Sorry to say that the page is for my personal use.But I think you can also have your own site to have styles on.For that,I suggest CO.DE,for it giving you free PHP+MYSQL webspace with professional-looking domain(s) and high availability(Click here to see its features).

You Liked my Page? Have A Suggestion?

ruanmed : I need suggestions :D, you are free to post any here :).

I suggest you bow to me.
ruanmed: I am already doing this :)

CSS Testing

Pokémon Type
001 001.gif Bulbasaur Grass Poison
001 001.gif TEST Fire Water