Wild Attacking Pokémon

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What is a Wild Attacking Pokémon?

Wild Attacking Pokémon are Pokémon that will randomly challenge you to a battle while you're doing various activities on the RPG. There's two types, those that passively appear at the bottom of pages across the RPG and those that aggressively take over maps similarly to a Turf War. As a reward for beating these Pokémon in a battle, you will receive the Pokémon that challenged you at level 5.


These Pokémon may pop up at the bottom of the page at any time with no specific requirements.

Occasionally an "Unknown Pokémon" will also pop up at the bottom of the page. The Unknown Pokémon is just a placeholder and is not a winnable battle. However, if you equip one of the required items to your starter, the placeholder will be replaced by whichever Pokémon corresponds to the item you equipped.


These Pokémon may challenge you while searching on any map if your starter holds their required item.

These Pokémon will only challenge you on specific maps and if your roster contains specific combinations of Pokémon. The exact requirements for these battles can be found on their separate wiki articles.