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For more than fifteen years, the TPPC Online RPG has been the #1 place for kids and adults to catch, train, and battle with their favorite Pokemon online for absolutely free. Trainers from all over the world gather here to take part in our unique online Pokemon experience.

When you sign up, you'll have your choice of joining one of our five teams: Team TPPC, Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, and Team Galactic. Each team gives you the chance to start with different Pokemon and access to different challenges within TPPC. Team choice isn't permanent, so if you decide that you're not interested in staying on Team Magma after 45 days, you can switch to any other team! Although beware, because Team Points do not transfer; you will lose all points already gained if you switch.

Much like the official Pokemon games, you'll be able to battle other trainers and gym leaders, earning badges, items, and even Pokemon as prizes! You'll also be able to participate in our TPPC-wide events like our Safari Zone Catching Contest and the Training Challenge that's brand new in v8. If that isn't enough, our Power Plant challenge takes our team system to a whole new level!

Once you've registered on the RPG, hop over to the TPPC Trainer's Corner or the TPPC Chatrooms to arrange a trade with another player, get advice on where to find your favorite Pokemon, and maybe even some pointers on how to take down one of the TPPC Battle Towers where you face 20 Pokemon in a row! Also don't forget to follow TPPCRPG on Twitter to stay updated with the latest major changes or contests the staff may be holding, since each post is done by the staff themselves!

What do I do after I sign up?

The great thing about TPPC is that once you sign up, you have the freedom to choose what you want to do next. This guide will mention some things you can do which will help you get better at the game.

Catching Pokemon

Most people prefer to explore the maps for their favorite Pokemon. You can find a nice list of where to find each Pokemon on our Pokemon Locations page.

You don't need to buy any Pokeballs to catch these Pokemon, lets just assume you have an unlimited supply of Master Balls.

Catching Pokemons from the maps will also allow you to obtain items. These items are usually held by wild Pokemon.


Training is the most important process in TPPC, besides making friends. You will need to train to get stronger as well as obtain Team Points and money. But before you start training you will need to set your moves and items. A Moves and Items List is available for you to look at if you need help deciding. Any Pokemon can use any move, so you're not limited to what you can do in battle.

Once you're ready to start leveling up, find a trainer which you can easily beat that is around your level, using the Training Accounts List, or just train in the fun rooms.

Training Guide

Evolving Pokemon

When your Pokemon has reached a certain level it may be possible to evolve at the Evolution Center or Evolution Gym. Some Pokemon require a certain item to be held in order to evolve and some even only evolve at certain times throughout the day!

Buying and Selling

Buying and selling is a great way to earn new Pokemon or get rid of your unwanted Pokemon for money. Each Pokemon on the buy page requires money to purchase, you can obtain money by defeating other trainers in battle or by selling your own Pokemon. Remember though, you will only get the money as soon as someone purchases your Pokemon.

Also keep in mind Pokemon not sold are removed from the game after roughly 48 hours it has been on the buy page.

Secret Swap

If you're tired of certain Pokemon, you can swap them for different Pokemon without them losing their level! This is a great way to get Shiny and Dark Pokemon as well. Each swap costs a certain amount of money or swap tokens depending on which Pokemon type you are after (Normal, Shiny, or Dark). Golden pokemon can not be obtained via the Secret Swap. Swapping can be very costly so it is advised to use Swap Tokens instead if you're just starting out. Swap Tokens can be obtained by donating Pokemon at the Donation Center.

Towers and Challenges

So, you think you're ready for some real challenges? I don't think you're ready yet! First, you should test your skills and defeat all the Gyms TPPC has to offer. These gyms are much easier than other challenges and it will give you plenty of practice to tackle the harder challenges.

If you think you are ready for the harder challenges, check out the Challenges page. These battles are rough and most of them even reward a special Pokemon!


Trading is probably the most popular and profitable thing other members do to obtain new and rare Pokemon. It is highly recommended that you go and sign up for a Trainer's Corner account. The Trainer's Corner is a place where the community gathers to talk about anything. Well, almost anything! Make sure you read the rules before making a thread. The most popular section is the Trading Forum. Here you will find many players trading their Pokemon. Simply start a thread with a list of what you're trading and wait for an offer. Now remember, no pokemon has a set rate! The value of that pokemon to you is based on your preferences!

Join The Discord Server

Discord acts as a chatroom for users to reply to messages either instantly or to come back to. We suggest joining the discord so that you can meet the players, and have people on hand to show you the ropes. The TPPC Discord has chatrooms allowing general chats, trading, help sections, betting and more. Join at: