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The Ghost Sand Event was a special Halloween event that occurred from October 25th to November 1st, 2020. During the event, trainers could redeem a Ghost Sand Collector for 500 Team Points. Equipping the Ghost Sand Collector to a Ground or Ghost type Pokémon would allow trainers to have a small chance of collecting Ghost Sand every time they won a battle.

There were three types of Ghost Sand (Shiny, Dark, and Golden) and your chances of winning a specific variety would slightly increase if you used a Ground or Ghost Pokémon that matched that variety.

Attaching a Ghost Sand to your starter and battling the Lavender Tower would allow you to battle a modified version of the tower that featured a DarkPalossand at the end. Winning this battle would reward trainers with a Level 125 Sandygast that matched the type of Ghost Sand they used and the equipped Ghost Sand would break.

Whilst the items are now unobtainable, the tower can still be viewed if attached.

Ghost Sand Lavender Tower


Ghost Sand Equipped Reward
Shiny Ghost Sand 769.gif ShinySandygast
Dark Ghost Sand 769.gif DarkSandygast
Golden Ghost Sand 769.gif GoldenSandygast