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The Team Stats page was added in v7 of TPPC. It has been through many updates since then. The original rewards are shown below. Note that Team Galactic does not feature as it was added in v8.


Cost of each reward:

   Trainer: 0
   Grunt: 10
   Private: 100
   Specialist: 1,000
   Corporal: 10,000
   Sergeant: 100,000
   Lieutenant: 1,000,000
   Captain: 10,000,000
   Major: 100,000,000
   Colonel: 1,000,000,000
   General: 10,000,000,000
   Commander: 100,000,000,000


   TPPC Prize: Promo
   Team Rocket Prize: Promo
   Team Aqua Prize: Promo
   Team Magma Prize: Promo


   TPPC Prize: Team Boost
   Team Rocket Prize: Team Boost
   Team Aqua Prize: Team Boost
   Team Magma Prize: Team Boost


   TPPC Prize: Amulet Coin
   Team Rocket: Amulet Coin
   Team Aqua: Amulet Coin
   Team Magma: Amulet Coin


   TPPC Prize: Snorlax
   Team Rocket Prize: Snorlax
   Team Aqua: ShinySnorlax
   Team Magma: ShinySnorlax


   TPPC Prize: Coming Soon!
   Team Rocket Prize: Coming Soon!
   Team Aqua Prize: Coming Soon!
   Team Magma Prize: Coming Soon!


   TPPC Prize: Scope Lens
   Team Rocket Prize: Scope Lens
   Team Aqua Prize: Scope Lens
   Team Magma Prize: Scope Lens


   TPPC Prize: X Accuracy
   Team Rocket Prize: X Accuracy
   Team Aqua Prize: X Accuracy
   Team Magma Prize: X Accuracy


   TPPC Prize: Power Boost
   Team Rocket Prize: Power Boost
   Team Aqua Prize: Power Boost
   Team Magma Prize: Power Boost


   TPPC Prize: ShinyZapdos
   Team Rocket Prize: DarkFeebas
   Team Aqua Prize: Articuno
   Team Magma Prize: Moltres


   TPPC Prize: Elemental Stone
   Team Rocket Prize: Elemental Stone
   Team Aqua Prize: Elemental Stone
   Team Magma Prize: Elemental Stone


   TPPC Prize: Deoxys
   Team Rocket Prize: Deoxys
   Team Aqua Prize: Deoxys
   Team Magma Prize: Deoxys


   TPPC Prize: ShinyDeoxys
   Team Rocket Prize: DarkDeoxys
   Team Aqua Prize: ShinyKyogre
   Team Magma Prize: ShinyGroudon