Orange Islands

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Mikan Island Gym

Trainer: Cissy


  • 117.gif Seadra
  • 009.gif Blastoise

Badge: 139.gif Coral-Eye

Navel Island Gym

Trainer: Danny


  • 031.gif Nidoqueen
  • 067.gif Machoke
  • 123.gif Scyther
  • 101.gif Electrode
  • 075.gif Graveler

Badge: 140.gif Sea Ruby

Trovita Island Gym

Trainer: Rudy


  • 103.gif Exeggutor
  • 125.gif Electabuzz
  • 121.gif Starmie
  • 038.gif Ninetales
  • 049.gif Venomoth
  • 018.gif Pidgeot

Badge: 141.gif Spike Shell

Kumquat Island Gym

Trainer: Luana


  • 065.gif Alakazam
  • 105.gif Marowak

Badge: 142.gif Jade Star

Additional Details

  • The Orange Islands battles appear randomly at the bottom of the page.
  • The specific battles are also random, so you may encounter the same one more than once.