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  • The following is a list of current and former staff members of TPPC.
  • Former assistants that never made it to moderator position will not be mentioned.
  • Only the staff member's main account number will be listed.


  • Staff generation means the period of time they were promoted, and not necessarily the time that they have been around.
  • Each generation is noted by major changes within the community, mainly among the staff members through a span of several years.
  • 1999 - 2002, First Generation
  • 2002 - 2005, Second Generation
  • 2005 - 2009, Third Generation
  • 2009 - 2012, Fourth Generation
  • 2012 - 2015, Fifth Generation
  • 2015 - 2017, Sixth Generation
  • 2017 - 2020, Seventh Generation
  • 2020 - Current, Eighth Generation


#1 - Shrimpy - Creator

Shrimpy, otherwise known as Andrew Stein, is the creator of TPPC.

#13 - Kife - Second Generation Staff

The only person to ever make it to the Administrator position. Regarded as the most powerful staff member since the second generation through to the current generation.

Super Moderators

#24168 - Darkheart - Second Generation Staff

One of the most prominent and helpful staff members TPPC has ever had. Loaded with weapons in her house, not somebody you'd want to cross paths with in real life. Can kill a boar with her bare hands and even faster with a spoon.

#2445 - Piggachew - Third Generation Staff

Although only a third generation staff member, Piggachew has quickly risen to Super Moderator status because of his dedication to this game. He is extremely hard working and does an excellent job by helping around. Also a math genius by nature.

#3071281 - Tim - Fourth Generation Staff

Recognised by his incredible way to handle things and helping the community for long time, also for his weird passion for ugly Pokémon such as Dunsparce and Roggenrola.

#2937009 - ToxiCity - Sixth Generation Staff

Not to be confused with the System Of A Down song of the same name(no copyright infringement intended), ToxiCity hails from the cold mountains of Canada, and is well known for his questionable love for Goomy. Used to have quite a large collection of weird stuff like GoldenYanmas and GoldenSnovers most of which he sold away for the Christmas/New Years contest. Can be found lurking around whenever you need him.


#97173 - Gin.A - Sixth Generation Staff

Have a question? A concern? A suggestion? Well grab a raffle ticket and step in line. He is the connection between our electrifying community and the brightest light bulb you'll ever see. Also known for creating one of the most active clans the forums has ever seen, the Empire of the PTC.

#619018 - Zepp - Sixth Generation Staff

Zepp. Zeppers. Zepperoni. Whatever you wish to call him, the meme is strong with this one. He has taken his role as Piggachew's protégé way too seriously as they even disappear and reappear together.

#3354423 - Yuru - Sixth Generation Staff

A positive and generous influence in the community, Yuru captured the hearts of many on the TPPC Forums when she joined. Although she is known for her love of Water Type Pokemon, Yuru often spends her spare time clubbing baby Seels.

#3344939 - kobk - Seventh Generation Staff

Kobk, also known as Korn on the Kobk, was given this nickname during his childhood, where his father would take him to corn mazes and then desert him, but only with good intention. Due to this rough childhood, Kobk quickly learned right from wrong, making him grow into a good person who just looks to help others. Some say that this is what got him to where he is now, an excellent member of TPPC Staff.

#3425327 - Tyroniter - Eighth Generation Staff

TPPC's moderator. Upon joining, he became known as the guy who mispelled "Tyranitar" when trying to name himself after it, but he soon became well known around TPPC for his helpfulness and enthusiasm towards the community. And although he may play Club Penguin in his free time, we are able to look past this due to the cheerfulness and excitement he brings to the game.

#3409900 - Space Cowboy - Eighth Generation Staff

#2645731 - Jigglypuff - Eighth Generation Staff

Inactive Staff Members


Former Administrators


Former Super Moderators

#2 - Badcrow - First Generation Staff.

Although Badcrow left mid-first generation, he's known for becoming the first SuperModerator on TPPC.

#6 - Liz - First generation Staff

Loves Batman things A LOT.

#3 - GundamGal - First Generation Staff

Always very kind and a pleasure to be around - even the few months after GoldenGlooms were made and she couldn't tell if people were trying to trade for her or pokemon.

#140 - Gman - First Generation Staff

Became what the community regarded as "the most powerful staff member" on TPPC during the second generation when other staff members were mostly inactive. Gman was very initiative and helpful, especially during the time when TPPC was lacking active staff members. Later regarded as a poor decision maker for the decisions that he made regarding staff promotions that resulted in the outcome of most staffs bickering, going inactive or leaving.

#12 - Charizard - First Generation Staff

Charizard is the only first generation staff member still around. Having been here over 10 years now, he is not as active as he once was, but Charizard has proven over the years how helpful and valuable he is to the community.

#8 - Plastic - Second Generation Staff

Known as the luckiest and quickest guy that got through the ranks of TPPC. Obtained assistant by just being Liz's favorite at that point in time, got promoted to moderator a week later and got to Super Moderator through recommendation without doing much around the community.

#39 - Nino - Second Generation Staff

Just randomly comes and goes. He is still deeply attached to the community, but admits that there is life outside TPPC. A great person to talk to!

#64648 - Deimos - Second Generation Staff

The weirdest and most random staff member ever. Really easy going, but chances are you'll be lost in what he's saying most of the time as he tends to jump all over the place.

Former Moderators

#4 - Tommy - First Generation Staff

Known mostly for his IRC bots after he quit, Tommy continued to hang around on MediaDriven for years after quitting the game. Also known as Ash28133.

#5 - SSJ_Gokuu - First Generation Staff

Usually naked, for god knows what reason.

#9 - Frank - First Generation Staff

Our youngest staff member ever, that got promoted at the young age of 9. Regarded as a genius by the community back in the old days as despite being young, he demonstrated great skills in different fields. Remembered for making the most hilarious typos and brightening other people's days. Literally the most quiet person to ever play this game - most people even thought he was just a chanbot. Had a top 50 Tyranitar for the longest time, gave it away when he quit.

#50 - Fallen - First Generation Staff

Old timer that people used to think was Frank's dad.

#334 - Ranger - Second Generation Staff

One of the most respected staff members that got drunk and mass banned people that he thought might have been cheating as it was a different time and catching cheaters was based off intuition. He was damn good at it too.

#2188 - Yoshe - First Generation Staff

A quiet guy that usually just helped around and kept to himself. Remembered for having the second most unique number of Goldenized Pokemon, leaving a week after he got promoted to moderator despite being an assistant which spanned over a period of three years, and holding the staff record of longest assistant ever.

#15618 - Kurai_Tenshi - First Generation Staff

Probably the second strictest mod aside from Ranger that would ban based on intuition.

#25 - Cool_Jessie - First Generation Staff

Just as her name implies, Jessie always kept her cool when handling situations. Left early second generation and so not that many people have gotten a chance to get to know her that well as she lived in a different timezone than the rest of the community back then.

#29082 - Neopian Trainer - First Generation Staff

Not much information about him remains today, but Neopian Trainer was the only moderator in TPPC history that Kife never met.

#4234 - Anna - Second Generation Staff

One of the worst staff members TPPC has ever had. The only staff member that has been actually demoted, removed and permanently banned from the community.

#1267 - Gk - Third Generation Staff

Dedicated and hardworking are words to describe Gk. Time and time again, he does a fantastic job in maintaining the forums and the RPG. Gk’s devotion to this game is almost as large as his love for pomegranates, which he thinks is simply a longer word for apples. Though inactive, he can often be found on the chat room still.

#2763854 - Elris - Fourth Generation Staff

Currently the youngest TPPC staff member, Elris was promoted for being able to help staff members without expecting a reward or causing problems around the community.

#152045 - Shellie - Third Generation Staff

Known as "TPPC's Official Egg Polisher", Shellie became well known as a helpful and kind presence in the chats first and foremost, and then eventually gained prominence in the forums and RPG. Though inactive, can be found in the chat rooms occasionally.

#19720 - Casterina - Second Generation Staff

Her positive attitude is something that many admire about her. Casterina remains a valuable staff member.

#879409 - Crepsley - Third Generation Staff

Now back at moderation position after resigning it. Crepsley is known for milking cows in space.

#2370729 - NeRo - Third Generation Staff

NeRo has proven to be a great addition to the moderation team. He is known for his fondness of dragon-type pokémon, as well as his amazing GoldenDratini collection.

#565930 - Numbers - Fifth Generation Staff

The only fifth generation staff promoted to moderation position, known for his cleverness. He lives at Potato Sack Avenue, Lalaland Street. He can also hide himself in a potato sack for an undetermined duration of time.

#3414902 - Keviiin - Sixth Generation Staff

There's a reason he has three eyes. Although he may always have one eye on the community, his focus is always on himself, staring into a mirror for hours and loving what he sees. With the body of a Greek God and a head like Megamind, there's nothing he's incapable of doing.

#2215 - Cataclysmic - Second Generation Staff

Cataclysmic was born in Björk’s house in Iceland and grew up on Easter Island, where his parents were giant stone heads. He has the ability to fire beams of tacos out of his hands and he can turn his legs into tigers. On Sundays, Cataclysmic enjoys reading Family Circus and travelling through time. His favourite color is greenish-transparent and his favourite movie is the one you just watched.


Lillith - Second Generation Staff

Lillith was an assistant who passed away due to cancer. Rest in peace