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So many of you have probably heard of the 'x' system that's commonly used in the Trades Section. However, a lot of people struggle to understand the way it works, after all, it is pretty complex for new users. Therefore I'm making this guide so everyone can have a basic understanding of how the 'x' system works.

I must note that you do not have to use the 'x' system, this guide is simply here in order to inform people of what the 'x' system is!

General Overview

Rate Level
0.5x 0.5x Level: 2,499's (One Level: 2,000)
1x 1x Level: 2,499
2x 2x Level: 2,499's
3x 3x Level: 2,499's
4x 4x Level: 2,499's
5x 5x Level: 2,499's

So on, so forth.

How Pokemon develop a 'rate'

A Pokemon's rate is determined mainly by past trades that took place, for example if:

  • Pokemon1 (No current value)

Is traded for:

  • Pokemon2 (5x)
  • Pokemon3 (3x)
  • Pokemon4 (2x)

Total = 10x

This would mean that the initial value of 'Pokemon1' would be 10x however rates develop over time as more trades take place thus averaging the rate of 'Pokemon1' to a stable rate. To make it a bit easier to understand I'll explain what I mean by showing one more example.

  • Pokemon1 (10x)

Is traded for:

  • Pokemon2 (4x)
  • Pokemon3 (2x)
  • Pokemon4 (2x)

Total = 8x

This would then drop the initial rate of 'Pokemon1' to 9x as it's averaged out between 10x and 8x. Eventually over time, like I said the rate would become more steady and begin to stop changing despite it sometimes being traded for less or more than it's worth.

Discovering rates of certain Pokemon

There is no real way to automatically justify what a Pokemon should be rated, as shown in prior examples rates are determined by many trades that have taken place. For Pokemon that already have an assigned rate all that's needed is to watch trades that take place in the Trades Section so that you can find out what rate your Pokemon has. I must also note that rates are constantly changing on Pokemon; no Pokemon has a fixed rate. Sometimes a Pokemon's value will decrease thus lowering the rate and the same applies for when a Pokemon's value increases, the Pokemon's rate will rise.

You do not have to use the 'x' system

A lot of people feel that the only way to trade is via the 'x' system which I hate to say is somewhat true however, a lot of people also tend to trade on the likeability of a Pokemon therefore they trade for what they like rather than what a Pokemon's worth. A lot of people also trade according to the Rarity List however whilst doing this you must take into consideration the circulation of certain Pokemon.

I must state through opinion that the 'x' system is the easiest way to trade now'a'days due to the simple fact that most people use it and most people understand it.

Rating Sites

Over the years that the 'x' system has been in place many rating sites have been available for use to try and help mainly new players get a general understanding of what certain Pokemon are worth. A very common well known example would be Ethereal Origins which has a list of many Pokemon with their rates. I must warn you while using these sites that the rates are not always 100% accurate as like I said previously there is never a set rate on a certain Pokemon, they are constantly changing. Laichan's TPPC Calculators could also help you to understand and properly use the X System. Here are just a few points to remember though:

  • Rates can flux at any time but level rates will stay the same.
  • Levels rate work by adding the EXP together not the level.
  • Rates don't multiply, they add.
  • In most cases leveled or evolved goldens are worth a little less.
  • Be sure to confirm your Pokemon's rate before trading it. Many people take advantage of people who don't know rates.
Level 2499 = 1x
Level 3150 = 2x
Level 3600 = 3x
Level 3965 = 4x
Level 4275 = 5x


  • Nightrush for writing the guide
  • ruanmed for making some minor changes and adding this to Wiki
  • PokeNinja for making minor changes