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|June 2020
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What Is The Power Plant


The TPPC Power Plant is a challenge where you must battle the Master Electrician and help collect the most amount of energy for your team!

How do I Participate

Simply battle the Power Plant's Master Electrician in order to build up more power in order to control the TPPC Power Plant. Whoever has the most collected energy at the end of the month will control the Power Plant for the entirety of the next month. If you're a member of the team that controls the Power Plant, you'll notice a number of benefits all across the RPG, including faster egg hatching, discounted Pokémon on the buy page, and maybe even some additional Team Rewards!

Master Electrician: Level 1


Reward: 1 Point

Master Electrician: Level 2


Reward: 5 Points

Master Electrician: Level 3


Reward: 10 Points

Power Hour

  • On weekends during the Power Hour for your faction, an option for a Bonus Battle pops up, beating which will reward you with 100 points per battle. This battle is the same as the Level 3 battle, with just the amount of points rewarded being increased.
Team Power Hours
Team_TPPC.gif 1-2AM/PM and 7-8AM/PM
Team_Rocket.gif 2-3AM/PM and 8-9AM/PM
Team_Magma.gif 3-4AM/PM and 9-10AM/PM
Team_Aqua.gif 4-5AM/PM and 10-11AM/PM
Team_Galactic.gif 5-6AM/PM and 11-12AM/PM

Controlling the PowerPlant for Two Months

  • If your team manages to control the PowerPlant for more than two months and you are able to stay a loyal member during that time, you receive access to the secret Electroshock Base that's been set up in the hidden basement of the Power Plant in order to face the Master Engineer himself!
  • If you defeat the Master Engineer, you'll not only prove your allegiance to your team, but you'll also be agreeing to stay a member of that team for another 45 days.

Master Engineer


Reward: Team Prize (See below)

Badge: 133.gif Eletroshock Badge

What Are The Prizes

The prizes for each team depends on whether it is day time or night time on TPPC. If it's day-time on TPPC (6:00 AM to 5:59 PM), then the prize will be a Shiny Pokémon. If it's night-time on TPPC (6:00 PM - 5:59 AM), then the prize will be a Dark Pokémon.

Team TPPC:

Team Rocket:

Team Magma:

Team Aqua:

Team Galactic:


First consecutive win Second consecutive win
September 2010 Team_Rocket.gif
October 2010 Team_TPPC.gif
November 2010 Team_TPPC.gif
December 2010 Team_Magma.gif
January 2011 Team_Magma.gif
February 2011 Team_Galactic.gif
March 2011 Team_Galactic.gif
April 2011 Team_Aqua.gif
May 2011 Team_Aqua.gif
June 2011 Team_Rocket.gif
July 2011 Team_Rocket.gif
August 2011 Team_TPPC.gif
September 2011 Team_TPPC.gif
October 2011 Team_Galactic.gif
November 2011 Team_Galactic.gif
December 2011 Team_Magma.gif
January 2012 Team_Magma.gif
February 2012 Team_Magma.gif
March 2012 Team_Magma.gif
April 2012 Team_Galactic.gif
May 2012 Team_Galactic.gif
June 2012 Team_Galactic.gif
July 2012 Team_Aqua.gif
August 2012 Team_Aqua.gif
September 2012 Team_Aqua.gif
October 2012 Team_TPPC.gif
November 2012 Team_TPPC.gif
December 2012 Team_TPPC.gif
January 2013 Team_Rocket.gif
February 2013 Team_Rocket.gif
March 2013 Team_Rocket.gif
April 2013 Team_Rocket.gif
May 2013 Team_Magma.gif
June 2013 Team_Rocket.gif
July 2013 Team_Rocket.gif
August 2013 Team_Rocket.gif
September 2013 Team_Rocket.gif
October 2013 Team_Rocket.gif
Novemeber 2013 Team_Rocket.gif
December 2013 Team_Rocket.gif
January 2014 Team_Galactic.gif
February 2014 Team_Galactic.gif
March 2014 Team_Galactic.gif
April 2014 Team_Magma.gif
May 2014 Team_Rocket.gif
June 2014 Team_Rocket.gif
July 2014 Team_TPPC.gif
August 2014 Team_TPPC.gif
September 2014 Team_Rocket.gif
October 2014 Team_Aqua.gif
November 2014 Team_Aqua.gif
December 2014 Team_Galactic.gif
January 2015 Team_Galactic.gif
February 2015 Team_Rocket.gif
March 2015 Team_Rocket.gif
April 2015 Team_Rocket.gif
May 2015 Team_Rocket.gif
June 2015 Team_TPPC.gif
July 2015 Team_Rocket.gif
August 2015 Team_Rocket.gif
September 2015 Team_Rocket.gif
Records missing...
December 2017 Team_Aqua.gif
January 2018 Team_Aqua.gif
February 2018 Team_Aqua.gif
March 2018 Team_Aqua.gif
April 2018 Team_Aqua.gif
Records missing...
June 2018 Team_Magma.gif
July 2018 Team_Magma.gif
August 2018 Team_TPPC.gif
September 2018 Team_TPPC.gif
October 2018 Team_Rocket.gif
November 2018 Team_Rocket.gif
December 2019 Team_Aqua.gif
January 2019 Team_Aqua.gif
February 2019 Team_Aqua.gif
March 2019 Team_Galactic.gif
April 2019 Team_Galactic.gif
May 2019 Team_Galactic.gif
June 2019 Team_Galactic.gif
July 2019 Team_Galactic.gif
August 2019 Team_TPPC.gif
September 2019 Team_TPPC.gif
October 2019 Team_TPPC.gif
November 2019 Team_TPPC.gif
December 2019 Team_Galactic.gif
January 2020 Team_Galactic.gif
February 2020 Team_TPPC.gif
March 2020 Team_TPPC.gif
April 2020 Team_TPPC.gif
May 2020 Team_Magma.gif
June 2020 Team_TPPC.gif
July 2020 Team_TPPC.gif


  • Xaine for writing the original guide and editing it into the Wiki.
  • Shrimpy for adding in the Winners Table.