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Account #1000000

Originally Kife's storage account, this is now the main account used for moderator storage. This account is banned for security reasons, to prevent any possible hacker from selling or trading the pokemon the account contains.

The pokemon in this account are used for contests and other purposes by moderators. Almost all pokemon in the account came from banned accounts (taken with the owner's permission) or people who donated pokemon.

This account also sells pokemon.

  • Currently Selling:
    • 506.gif Lillipup and 543.gif Venipede every hour, on altering days. Every hour there is a slim chance that a Shiny or Dark version of these pokemon will be sold alongside the Normal version.
  • Previously Sold:
    • On January 6th, 2008, as an apology for the server going down during the New Year's Golden Day event, 415.gif ShinyCombee and 415.gif DarkCombee were sold from the account periodically throughout the day.
    • In the past, 227.gif ShinySkarmory was sold from the account every hour.

Some pokemon were created for the sole purpose of being added to #1000000 for no reason other than to be contested off. Some of these pokemon include:

Pokemon Male Female Genderless Ungendered
029.gif ShinyNidoranF 0 0 0 10
471.gif DarkGlaceon 4 0 0 4
470.gif DarkLeafeon 4 0 0 4
700.gif DarkSylveon 3 3 0 0

Account #2000000

This account is the secondary account used for moderator storage. It is only used on occasion, as the pokemon put into the account will be sold exactly on the hour, each hour, until the contents of the account are gone.

This selling method was used to introduce 144.gif ShinyArticuno and 146.gif ShinyMoltres into the game. However, the account is mostly just used for occasional contests now.