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  • What is Golden Day?

The Golden Day is a special event held by Shrimpy on:

  • August 2nd (Shrimpy's birthday)
  • December 25th (Christmas)
  • December 31st (New Year)
  • January 1st (New Year)

On these days, you may unlock a Golden pokemon with a special roster.

  • What is a Golden pokemon?

Why, a golden pokemon is a pokemon that is golden of course! A Golden pokemon gets an extra 15 points added to their base stats at all time. For example, Haunter has a Special Attack of 115 and GoldenHaunter gets an extra 15 points, so it would have 130.

  • How do I "unlock" them?

When the clock strikes midnight on August 2nd or Christmas, Shrimpy will release a few hints about the pokemon and the items you need to use to make your golden pokemon! You will need 3 specific pokemon and 3 specific items, then your starter will be goldenized if you find the correct roster and defeat Evolva at the Evolution Gym.

For example:

Slot 1: Pokemon: <Hint here> Item: <Hint here>

Slot 2: Pokemon: <Hint here> Item: <Hint here>

Slot 3: Pokemon: <Hint here> Item: <Hint here>

Hints will be posted in the Sack Full of Muk section of the forums, do not make your own discussion thread, RPG staff will post one and it should be the only one.

A list of past riddles and answers is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I get both Goldens the same day?

No, you cannot. There is a limit of 1 golden per account each golden promo day. In the case of the New Years/Christmas Golden Promo Days, there are 3 days in which you can obtain the golden promos, though the last two days count as one, so obtaining a golden one day makes it unobtainable the next.

  • Can I get more than 1 golden if I have more than one account?

If the accounts are used actively as storage, it's alright, but if the account is created for the sole purpose of getting extra goldens or promos, it will be banned along with your other accounts.

  • Can I trade it as soon as I get it?

No, moderators will announce when you are allowed to trade them. So you can't transfer them from your storage account to your main account if you created an extra golden there.

  • Can I suggest Goldens?

No. Shrimpy will decide which pokemon he wants to be goldenized.

  • Are there any other ways to get Goldens?

Yes. Goldens can also be obtained through RPG Challenges, contests, trading and other special events.

How to prepare

Since the Pokémon that will be goldenized should be obtainable, it's good to have a lot of Map pokemon and Secret Swap Pokémon (or Swap Tokens). This will help you avoid the Golden Day lag caused by many users logging in at once.

You should try to collect all obtainable items in the game, do not wait until Golden Day to get your Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald shards, you will experience some stress working against the clock.

Past Goldens

A full list of Golden Pokemon released up to now can be seen here.


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