Golden Day Riddles

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  • Pokémon #1: The _______, the professor, and Mary Anne (Riolu)
  • Item #1: Two of me can be very attractive or very repulsive. (Magnet)
  • Pokémon #2: My favorite part of the holidays are all the meals!
  • Item #2: Corey Hart had these on when he didn't need them. (Darkglasses)
  • Pokémon #3: If you were punched in the stomach, you'd make this noise.
  • Item #3: It's good to be the ... / While I'm not quite a gem, those with money and power favor me.


  • Pokémon #1: If you add another 'A' to my name, it could be a person's name. (Aron)
  • Item #1: Porygon love me. (Upgrade)
  • Pokémon #2: If you catch me, you might get something to help you with Promo #1.
  • Item #2: Football, Hockey, Baseball, and Basketball all have these.
  • Pokémon #3: Doom and I go hand and hand. / I literally bear the seeds of darkness.
  • Item #3: Lots of people got me during the Shrimpy's birthday promo. No one wanted me though.






  • Pokémon #1: When fully evolved, I can be either a lover or a fighter (Ralts)
  • Item #1: I am born from the nautical deep. Though I may not seem pleasant, that's just my physique. / I'm kind of like a baseball, only not very smooth
  • Pokémon #2: I may look grumpy, but my bark is definitely worse than my bite. / I'm not really a hound dog, though I am kind of a clown
  • Item #2: Although our components tell of a warm and cozy creation, it was actually as tough as we make out to be. / Put me in an engagement ring and you'll have an unhappy fiance
  • Pokémon #3: The furry finch of pokemon. / Mix me with some stones and who knows what I'll become
  • Item #3: Anything you can do I can do better. / When my cellphone died, it was time to...


  • Pokémon #1: Look at me too long and you're bound to get dizzy / If idle hands are the devil's plaything, it's a good thing I don't have any (Poliwag)
  • Item #1: Do this with your friends
  • Pokémon #2: Was blind, but with evolutions, I seeeeeeee
  • Item #2: Take me out to the ball game. / It doesn't smell like teen spirit, but something pretty close
  • Pokémon #3: Perhaps my younger brother is a doof, but I do not originate from his kind. Though we slightly differ in our habitats, we have alikeness of the things on our mind. / I'm probably friends with Mickey
  • Item #3: You're it! / If you went to buy some items at a magic shop, the price might come on these


  • Pokémon #1: Trying to figure out these puzzles is giving me a headache... (Psyduck)
  • Item #1: A store that sold magic pants would probably have this attached. (Spell Tag)
  • Pokémon #2: They like you as much as you like them! / i herd u liek em! (Mudkip)
  • Item #2: A lot of people think I'm positive... but I can be pretty negative as well. (Magnet)
  • Pokémon #3: If we were in Spain, we could go running together! (Tauros)
  • Item #3: I'm caring. / Sonny and ______ . (Exp Share)


  • Pokémon #1: The first 3 letters of my name are the same as the first 3 letters of the third puzzle Pokemon's name. (Snover)
  • Item #1: My computer is pretty old. How can I make it better? (Upgrade)
  • Pokémon #2: I can't believe we both said that at the same time! (Jynx)
  • Item #2: Tough as nails, but not quite as shiny. (Hard Stone)
  • Pokémon #3: The _________ of the litter. (Snorunt)
  • Item #3: Talk about having a smart mouth! (Sharp Beak)


  • Pokemon #1: I'm not the Kool Aid Man, but I can burst through a wall -- or anything else you can think of (Cranidos)
  • Item #1: There was a song about me, but it wasn't sung by the Milwaukee Brewer. We do have the same name though. (Darkglasses)
  • Pokemon #2: Part of my name probably comes from a line of kid's toys. (Mantyke)
  • Item #2: There are a bunch of Pokemon that use part of my name in their name (Magnet)
  • Pokemon #3: My breeding group is "mineral", but when I evolve I'm more metal (Onix)
  • Item #3: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken -- I'm familiar with all of them (Charcoal)


  • Pokémon #1: You'd have to be Psychic to figure this out. (Abra)
  • Item #1: I don't come from a lizard, but close. (Dragon Scale)
  • Pokemon #2: You can only find me on maps one day of the year. (Snover)
  • Item #2: I am forever. (Smooth Diamond)
  • Pokemon #3: I was the first Ruby/Sapphire Pokemon to appear in the anime. (Kecleon)
  • Item #3: There's a form of wire that has a similiar name. (Poison Barb)


  • Pokémon #1: I look like I'm wearing a wig. (Bagon)
  • Item #1: I am an item of glamour, could have been broken with a hammer. (Ruby Shard)
  • Pokemon #2: I can't help the fact I'm sick, maybe I just need something for my cough. (Koffing)
  • Item #2: Bustin' makes me feel good. (Silph Scope)
  • Pokemon #3: I'm quite a shocking rodent. (Pikachu)
  • Item #3: Ho ho ho, put me down and watch me grow (Miracle Seed)


  • Pokémon #1: Not so much of a Christmas tree. (Cacnea)
  • Item #1: I'm what you get when your metal coat falls apart (Silver Powder)
  • Pokemon #2: I've got a very long nose. More of a snout, really. (Nosepass)
  • Item #2: There's just not enough coal for you naughty kids, so Santa has to give you these instead. (Charcoal)
  • Pokemon #3: I could build a great dam. (Bidoof)
  • Item #3: You could say I'm very attractive. (Magnet)


  • Pokémon #1: I'm a pretty polar Pokemon / I have a certain allure, but my attraction is purely physical. (Magnemite)
  • Item #1: A mage is well-known to play this spin on an old favorite. / You're it! (Spell Tag)
  • Pokemon #2: Ugh, what smells? (Stunky)
  • Item #2: In another Nintendo game, I pop out of boxes (Amulet Coin)
  • Pokemon #3: I love to play in the rain, even if it's lightning out / While I'm not known for a meme, I'm quite similar to the one people like. (Wooper)
  • Item #3: Commonly mistaken for fare for public transit. (Swap Token)


  • Pokémon #1: Look out below! / You'll hear my name right before the tree comes down. (Timburr)
  • Item #1: Definitely not for the average peasant. (Kings Rock)
  • Pokemon #2: Not Bruce, But I Can Fight. (Hitmonchan)
  • Item #2: Play that funky music / I may play a sweet melody, but I'm more fond of the blues. (Azure Flute)
  • Pokemon #3: This lady can really light it up. (Illumise)
  • Item #3: Don't be envious / When she was here, there was no place like home. (Emerald Shard)


  • Pokémon #1: When Jack Bauer ties someone up he's not supposed to, he's doing a little of this. / I was in the original X-Men movies. I didn't make it into the new one though. (Tyrogue)
  • Item #1: Arizona, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Seattle (Sharp Beak)
  • Pokemon #2: I'm really against SOPA; I travel through a series of tubes (Porygon)
  • Item #2: This will really help me hit the bullseye. (X Accuracy)
  • Pokemon #3: Circle Circle __________ __________. Now you've got the cootie shot. ; If you plant me, I'll probably grow. But if I do grow, it'll probably be in the dark. (Seedot)
  • Item #3: I'm always the winner in games of attraction. (Magnet)


  • Pokémon #1: Barbara Ann has me doing this (Roggenrola)
  • Item #1: Even a Charizard can't take me down. (NeverMeltice)
  • Pokemon #2: _______ _______ Joy Joy (Happiny)
  • Item #2: I wonder if this will tell me if I've put on weight (Dragon Scale)
  • Pokemon #3: You put on this kind of performance at the end of summer camp. ; I don't skate on ice... I skate on something else. (Surskit)
  • Item #3: Not the quick type; Doesn't work so well for building castles (Soft Sand)


  • Pokémon #1: This Pokemon will really make a splash. (Magikarp)
  • Item #1: I'm not quite brick and mortar, but I can still make castles. (Soft Sand)
  • Pokemon #2: I'm not a goose, but I'm totally on the loose. (Zangoose)
  • Item #2: I need a new PC, I should probably do this. (Upgrade)
  • Pokemon #3: I used to hang out with Salt-N-Pepa. (Spinda)
  • Item #3: If you polish me up, I'll be nice and round. (Rough Pearl)


  • Pokémon #1: My name rhymes with something found in dog food. (Gible)
  • Item #1: I would say to put it on my bill, but I worry you might get hurt. (Sharp Beak)
  • Pokemon #2: There are a lot like me, but I run the hottest. (Flareon)
  • Item #2: I'm blue. If I were green... I'd be another item. (Sapphire Fragment)
  • Pokemon #3: My name sounds like a city that has cheerleaders known as the Jills. (Bouffalant)
  • Item #3: If you can even eat with me, it's sure to be a chore. (Twisted Spoon)


  • Pokémon #1: I don't have an attitude problem and I'm definitely not grumpy. / When I grow up, I get to be King / I like to really hammer the point home. Especially at the beach. (Krabby)
  • Item 1: I'm a game you play on the school yard. (Spell Tag)
  • Pokemon 2: I grew up a little colder than most of my siblings. (Glaceon)
  • Item 2: I'm often in your shoes after a day out. / Some people like when I run through their toes. (Soft Sand)
  • Pokemon 3: Sometimes I don't know whether I'm coming or going. (Girafarig)
  • Item 3: Tis the season to give. (Exp Share)


  • Pokémon #1: I'm a dragon of a different nature. / When I evolve, I'm not a Megaman, but I'm definitely "Mega" (Yanma)
  • Item 1: If the NHL had this, maybe they'd have a season even in June. (NeverMeltice)
  • Pokemon 2: Sometimes I'll show up in November. Sometimes December. / Christmas isn't the holiday I really light up over. (Litwick)
  • Item 2: Definitely not soft as water. / I've got a chain of hotels named after me. (Hard Stone)
  • Pokemon 3: My evolved form comes on Earth and pizza. / I'm pretty sturdy. / I like crawling into holes. (Dwebble)
  • Item 3: I'm quite stylish and versatile, I can even go with your gifts / Solid colors are the best colors. (Pink Bow)


  • Pokémon #1: I may take flight, but I'm not a bird. / When I take off, it's not from land. / I'm the top of my evolutionary chain -- not the bottom. (Mantine)
  • Item 1: A piece of generation past of the firey variety. (Ruby Shard)
  • Pokémon 2: I could put on a concert, but my audience doesn't make it through the show. (Jigglypuff)
  • Item 2: In a battle of fast hands, I'm king. (Quick Claw)
  • Pokémon 3: Count on me during blackouts. / I especially like holidays. (Litwick)
  • Item 3: I may not be magic or lead to giants, but I can still come through in a pinch. (Miracle Seed)


  • Pokémon #1: There's a song by Nelly about me. (Bulbasaur)
  • Item 1: I started my life underground, but I'm cleaned up and ready to be shiny and fashionable. (Smooth Diamond)
  • Pokémon 2: You don't have to shovel me. (Snover)
  • Item 2: You can use me in an arcade. (Amulet Coin)
  • Pokémon 3: You could confuse my name with a type of music. (Roggenrola)
  • Item 3: A smaller piece of the past, I'm more watery than anything. (Sapphire Fragment)


  • Pokémon #1: I'm not the white ball you hit in pool, but my name is close. (Cubone)
  • Item #1 I hate Polkadots. (Pink Bow)
  • Pokemon #2 My cousin Hank played for the Braves and hit a lot of home runs (Aron)
  • Item #2 Joffrey has one of these. (Kings Rock)
  • Pokemon #3 My first evolution is an original, I'm a second generation superstar and my second evolution didn't come around until the fourth go around. / This choice won't shock you, but it might make you a little hot. (Magby)
  • Item #3 I'm small, but I'm based on the novel Push. (Sapphire Fragment)


  • Pokémon #1: The Goldens come out on Christmas, but a different Pokemon was released for another holiday. / I think Elton John would write a song about me (or Princess Diana). (Litwick)
  • Item #1 Ugh, my parents made too much to eat. (Leftovers)
  • Pokemon #2 My name is the combination of a color and a move. / Not to be confused with "Khaki-surge" / Magic wand, make my monster ________ ! (Tangrowth)
  • Item #2 I was Inspector Gadget's greatest villain (Quick Claw)
  • Pokemon #3 If you have a cavity this Pokemon might be able to help you out. / I'm also helpful if there are some dinosaur bones stuck in the ground. (Excadrill)
  • Item #3 You can't be afraid of what you can see. (Silph Scope)


  • Pokémon #1: It's not Mew. (Mewtwo)
  • Item #1 You'd be really envious if you saw me with this. / The main character of a show on the CW is can also be called the _____ Archer. (Emerald Shard)
  • Pokemon #2 Koffing is my best friend. (Ekans)
  • Item #2 I'd be right in place on a bracelet. (Small Charm)
  • Pokemon #3 My name is like a Halle Berry movie (Gothita)
  • Item #3 If you were getting engaged, the ring should have one of these. (Smooth Diamond)


  • Pokémon #1: You don't need Darkglasses to join my squad. (Squirtle)
  • Item #1: I'm tough, make no ores about it. (Hard Stone)
  • Pokemon #2: A scale helped me move to the bottom of the sea. (Gorebyss)
  • Item #2: Undrinkable no matter what I do. (NeverMeltice)
  • Pokemon #3: Gesundheit. (Cubchoo)
  • Item #3: The pressure really got rid of all my wrinkles. (Smooth Diamond)


  • Pokémon #1: To say I've got good eyesight is no load of croc. (Sandile)
  • Item #1: Who needs luck when you've got me? (Miracle Seed)
  • Pokemon #2: I went for gold, but couldn't even make silver. (Bronzor)
  • Item #2: I love it when north meets south. (Magnet)
  • Pokemon #3: I fall out of trees all the time. (Pineco)
  • Item #3: I probably wouldn't work as well for photography as you might think. (Scope Lens)


  • Pokémon #1: You can use me to chop down some wood. (Axew)
  • Item #1: I only measure one kind of weight. (Dragon Scale)
  • Pokemon #2: I barely have enough energy to scratch my own itch (Slakoth)
  • Item #2: An archer's best friend. / Marking the spot. (X Accuracy)
  • Pokemon #3: Need some envelopes sealed? (Lickitung)
  • Item #3: I'm really good at playing the blues. (Azure Flute)


  • Pokémon #1: It's like a cry or a moan of a tale. / Captain Ahab has nothing on me. (Wailmer)
  • Item #1: Probably not saying something is on sale. / You're it! (Spell Tag)
  • Pokemon #2: NFL quarterbacks hate me. (Blitzle)
  • Item #2: It's no secret how I'm used. / I'm popular at arcades (Swap Token)
  • Pokemon #3: It's a shame I never learned "Swift" because my name comes from his book. (Lillipup)
  • Item #3: Not kryptonite, but close. (Emerald Shard)


  • Pokémon #1: As of today, 7777 and 500000 are important numbers to me. (Jirachi)
  • Item #1: Virgos dig me (Sapphire Shard)
  • Pokémon #2: Everything zen? I don't think so. (Darmanitan)
  • Item #2: Gray Dust (Silver Powder)
  • Pokémon #3: You'd find something with a name like mine in Ancient Egypt (Sigilyph)
  • Item #3: DirecTV's favorite Beyoncé song (Upgrade)


  • Pokemon #1: An electronic bicycle would be underselling it. (Electrike)
  • Item #1: When hard work doesn't pay off. (Exp Freeze)
  • Pokemon #2: I really like mid-nineties Incubus. (Foongus)
  • Item #2: The restaurant will only serve sparkling or tap. (Mystic Water)
  • Pokemon #3: ?eman a ni s'tahW (Ekans)
  • Item #3: When there's something strange in your neighborhood, I might be helpful. (Silph Scope)


  • Pokemon #1: Back in the day, the term was 'n00b' but now it's shorter. (Swinub)
  • Item #1: I love to wear these at night. (Darkglasses)
  • Pokemon #2: My bite is particularly severe. (Seviper)
  • Item #2: I hate it when this gets in my bathing suit. (Soft Sand)
  • Pokemon #3: Not when 'yu' wish upon a star. (Starly)
  • Item #3: Not contact or camera. (Scope Lens)


  • Pokemon #1: You'll be shocked when you realize my name sounds like a mythical creature. (Shinx)
  • Item #1: Even I can't help a Slakoth get moving. (Quick Claw)
  • Pokemon #2: Combine me with my item and I might be pulling a sleigh tonight. // No one will join in my games. (Stantler)
  • Item #2: I might be able to help with visibility tonight. // I'm not a train, but sometimes I use Rails (Ruby Shard)
  • Pokemon #3: I probably get along well with Oscar the Grouch. (Trubbish)
  • Item #3: The most fashionable October accessory. // An NFL player could add me to their jersey. (Pink Bow)


  • Pokemon #1: If you grab me by the horns, you'll probably wind up on the wrong end of them. (Tauros)
  • Item #1: You deal with me a lot when excavating artifacts. // You'd probably need to use Horn Drill to get through me. (Hard Stone)
  • Pokemon #2: I'm often described as shabby or shoddy until I evolve. Then everyone thinks I'm breathtaking. (Feebas)
  • Item #2: There's a show about me on HBO. (Leftovers)
  • Pokemon #3: I evolve a couple of times but my name doesn't change much. (Pidgey)
  • Item #3: _____ Bee or Price _____. (Spell Tag)


  • Pokemon #1: You have to do more than just name me after a trainer to get the evolution you want. (Eevee)
  • Item #1: Tinkerbell has a set of these. (Fairy Wings)
  • Pokemon #2: I don't require a big Tooth or Scale to be myself. (Clamperl)
  • Item #2: I'm really good at playing the blues. (Azure Flute)
  • Pokemon #3: Is it weird that I'm named after my evolution? (Mime Jr)
  • Item #3: I'm caring. (Exp Share}


  • Pokemon #1: My bark is definitely worse than my fiery bite. (Growlithe)
  • Item #1: This better match my shoes. (Blackbelt)
  • Pokemon #2: Everyone thinks I'm sick, but it's just a runny nose. (Cubchoo)
  • Item #2: I made Ash. (Charcoal)
  • Pokemon #3: Trainers mispronounce my name then think they can use me to tell time. (Sandile)
  • Item #3: Getting something newer and better. (Upgrade)


  • Pokemon #1: Though originally from China, some of my cousins now live in DC and Atlanta. (Pancham)
  • Item #1: Pretty much the opposite of big repulsion. (Small Charm)
  • Pokemon #2: Not Dough or D'oh. (Deerling)
  • Item #2: I don't really help keep things a secret. (Swap Token)
  • Pokemon #3: Sometimes my name is mispronounced like that big statue in Egypt. (Shinx)
  • Item #3: Attack if you're a Pokemon; Draw if you're in the Old West, Fire if you're on Top Chef. (Quick Claw)


  • Pokemon #1: Arrows or Darts? I love being a part of either. (Fletchling)
  • Item #1: I did pretty well in the Olympics this year, but I wasn't the best. (Silver Powder)
  • Pokemon #2: I love being around TPPC for Chanukah. (Litwick)
  • Item #2: Nobody ever said life was this. (Fairy Wings)
  • Pokemon #3: Just like Beyoncé: I sleigh. (Stantler)
  • Item #3: You'll find me at the beach. (Soft Sand)


  • Pokemon #1: I love football season and this is my favorite play! (Blitzle)
  • Item #1: My mom has a bunch of these on her necklace. / I can be any color, but a specific size. (Small Charm)
  • Pokemon #2: I'm a favorite of ninja gym leaders, even though they can never hide from my big eyes. (Venonat)
  • Item #2: I'm the same color as a medium-rare steak. / I complement a CW superhero really well. (Pink Bow)
  • Pokemon #3: Ever since being restored from a fossil, I've been living a Cowabunga lifestyle. (Tirtouga)
  • Item #3: Sounds like Sonny and ____. (Exp Share)


  • Pokemon #1: My name makes me sounds pretty weak. / I'm like a non-duckling ugly duckling. (Feebas)
  • Item #1: Sometimes you recite this backwards to show off. / Not Hiero, but like it. (Alph Glyph)
  • Pokemon #2: When you shine a light, I'm bound to do this. It's in my name, after all. / We only come out once a month, but there are a lot of us. / When I evolve fully, I have lots of different styles. One is a Pokéball! (Scatterbug)
  • Item #2: Colder than Ice. / I hate sharing. (Exp Freeze)
  • Pokemon #3: One Fish. Two Fish. Red Fish. Ouch! / Star-Lord's real name. (Qwilfish)
  • Item #3: Godmother vs. Tooth. Who wins? (Fairy Wings)


  • Pokemon #1: A smaller than average cruel and oppressive ruler. (Tyrunt)
  • Item #1: I couldn't break boards until I got my hands on this. (Blackbelt)
  • Pokemon #2: I'm really good at cutting grass or wheat. (Scyther)
  • Item #2: Tomorrow's lunch. (Leftovers)
  • Pokemon #3: I've got a long tail that helps give me high threes. (Aipom)
  • Item #3: If the tallest building in London were owned by a programming language. (Ruby Shard)


  • Pokemon #1: My evolution is super famous and loves surfing. (Pichu)
  • Item #1: I love doing this when the new iPhone comes out. (Upgrade)
  • Pokemon #2: Whenever someone asks me why, I say this. (Wynaut)
  • Item #2: In addition to this, there's also coral, black, white, volcanic, and quartz. (Soft Sand)
  • Pokemon #3: I may be a baby, but I can read an aura. (Riolu)
  • Item #3: It's no secret what this is used for. (Swap Token)


  • Pokemon #1: If I were a wrestler, I'd be the 'the destroyua'. (Zorua)
  • Item #1: You wish I grew on trees. / I'm not beans, but you could probably meet a giant if you used me. (Miracle Seed)
  • Pokemon #2: I'd be full of wrath, but I'm too busy hopping around. / Forget Reddit, I'm a big fan of Ribbit. (Politoed)
  • Item #2: I could wear this around my neck, wrist, or ankle. (Small Charm)
  • Pokemon #3: I prefer this to biting and chomping. (Gible)
  • Item #3: My dry cleaner is also a psychic, so he uses these. / When I read this, it lets me make magic happen. (Spell Tag)


  • Pokemon #1: Sometimes I'll heal you, other times I'll just make breakfast, but I'm not a baby. (Chansey)
  • Item #1: With one of these on the tip, you could drill into Item #2. (Sharp Beak)
  • Pokemon #2: Can I ____ a question? (Axew)
  • Item #2: I make Soft Sand look extra soft. (Hard Stone)
  • Pokemon #3: My evolution is one cold lady. / My other evolution has quite the face. (Snorunt)
  • Item #3: If this were Game of Thrones, I'd be a Landing or a Road. (Kings Rock)


  • Pokemon #1: Start with me and I can help light the way. (Torchic)
  • Item #1: If you wear me, you'll feel even colder during winter. (Metal Coat)
  • Pokemon #2: I've got two mouths. One scarier than the other (Mawile)
  • Item #2: Don't wear me with brown shoes. (Blackbelt)
  • Pokemon #3: I make a cameo in the Detective Pikachu trailer. / If I get mad, a mic drop is the least of your worries. (Jigglypuff)
  • Item #3: Not even global warming can affect me (Nevermeltice)


  • Pokemon #1: Julienne, Brunoise, Batonnet, Dice, Paysanne. (Machop)
  • Item #1: I'm hitting a lot harder but it feels like everything has recoil. (Life Orb)
  • Pokemon #2: I gain a head everytime I evolve. (Deino)
  • Item #2: Hawkeye and Bullseye both use this. (X Accuracy)
  • Pokemon #3: There are a lot of this dam Pokemon around. (Bidoof)
  • Item #3: I'd be worth more if I were gold. (Silver Powder)


  • Pokemon #1: Years ago I loved to hoop it up. (Ekans)
  • Item #1: Love the style -- unsure about the music. (Polkadot Bow)
  • Pokemon #2: I'm not a hex or a curse. (Jynx)
  • Item #2: I probably don't roll smoothly. (Rough Pearl)
  • Pokemon #3: I'll never unlock the Golden, because I'm too busy sleeping. (Snorlax)
  • Item #3: 7 -> 8 -> X -> XS (Upgrade)


  • Pokemon #1: The Lorax speaks for me. (Treecko)
  • Item #1: If we partner up, we can both benefit. (Exp Share)
  • Pokemon #2: Barbara Ann has me doing this. (Roggenrola)
  • Item #2: I went to the beach and now this is everywhere. (Soft Sand)
  • Pokemon #3: A Sandra Boynton 'Not' Book. (Hippopotas)
  • Item #3: If no one shows up to my birthday party, then I'll have plenty of these. (Leftovers)


  • Pokemon #1: With this Pokemon you'll grow an inch. (Trapinch)
  • Item #1: I'm the new Batgirl (Ruby Shard)
  • Pokemon #2: My head is rock hard, but I'm not yet in my shell. (Bagon)
  • Item #2: Making summer cookouts delicious. (Charcoal)
  • Pokemon #3: After I evolve, I stop being such an ugly ________. (Ducklett)
  • Item #3: If I had this in my glasses, I'd have better eyesight than a Luxray. (Scope Lens)


  • Pokemon #1: The coldest one. (Articuno)
  • Item #1: Don't confuse me with coarse dirt. (Soft Sand)
  • Pokemon #2: My name sounds like a tree, but that's just where I live. (Aipom)
  • Item #2: I never miss when this marks the spot. (X Accuracy)
  • Pokemon #3: Don't be surprised if my shapeshifting outfoxes you. (Zorua)
  • Item #3: You don't need these if it's cloudy. (Darkglasses)


  • Pokemon #1: Twice as shocking. (Zapdos)
  • Item #1: After a cold rain, all the streets become this. (Nevermeltice)
  • Pokemon #2: I evolve into something fiery, but before then I sing beautifully. (Fletchling)
  • Item #2: I destroyed my second place medal. (Silver Powder)
  • Pokemon #3: Admiral Akbar says "It's a ________". (Trapinch)
  • Item #3: Caring. (Exp Share)


  • Pokemon #1: Do I molt or am I molten? (Moltres)
  • Item #1: I wish this matched my outfit, but all I have are brown shoes. (Blackbelt)
  • Pokemon #2: Do or do not? More like ___ or ______. (Wynaut)
  • Item #2: When I plateau at the gym, I feel like someone gave me this. (Exp Freeze)
  • Pokemon #3: I wish I grew up to be more like Pokemon #1, but I become more of a fighter. (Torchic)
  • Item #3: This is helpful for learning English. (Alph Glyph)


  • Pokemon #1: Better than Ford Tough / You could polish me, but then I might lose my bark. (Rockruff)
  • Item #1: Jack be nimble, Jack be this (Quick Claw)
  • Pokemon #2: I combine Seattle's Fish Market and their grunge rock scene. / Smells Like Fish Spirit (Carvanha)
  • Item #2: I hate suspenders, so I guess I'll use this. (Blackbelt)
  • Pokemon #3: I was a Buneary Madness prize -- and I'm not even a Buneary! (Minccino)
  • Item #3: Roy G Iv? Feels like something is missing. (Sapphire Shard)


  • Pokemon #1: Gwen Stefani had a song I really connected with almost 25 years ago. (Mr Mime)
  • Item #1: I want a portion. My equal ____ (Exp Share)
  • Pokemon #2: You'll get this with a combination of bad wiring and good coffee. (Electabuzz)
  • Item #2: I couldn't help any Pokemon until Gen 6. (Fairy Wings)
  • Pokemon #3: I look like a snowflake, but I'm cold as ice. (Cryogonal)
  • Item #3: Grill with me for extra flavor. (Charcoal)


  • Pokemon #1: Tamed in the desert. (Sandshrew)
  • Item #1: Royal music. (Kings Rock)
  • Pokemon #2: _____ and crossbones. (Duskull)
  • Item #2: It'd be a big help in a first person shooter. (X Accuracy)
  • Pokemon #3: My name makes you think of a bird, but I stay on the ground. / My name rhymes with a small bite you might take at Thanksgiving. (Gible)
  • Item #3: I'm attached to a very famous mouse. (Polkadot Bow)


  • Pokemon #1: My name makes me sound like I'm giving a quiz on the Sun. / They say you can't control the weather. Maybe I can though. (Rayquaza)
  • Item #1: I can instantly end a drought. (Mystic Water)
  • Pokemon #2: Half of me? Turtle power! / Slowpoke and I can become really attached to one another. (Shellder)
  • Item #2: Probably not the best for scooping ice cream. (Twisted Spoon)
  • Pokemon #3: Usually associated with the sea, I'm more interested in the wind. (Wingull)
  • Item #3: Microsoft should offer me as a service. / Hopefully what comes from this won't make you feel blue. (Azure Flute)


  • Pokemon #1: I have trouble controlling my powers, but luckily I have a number of lives to figure it out. (Espurr)
  • Item #1: Not gold or diamond, but a lot like the original. (Ruby Shard)
  • Pokemon #2: I don't like the dark? There's a kernel of truth to that. (Sunkern)
  • Item #2: I really made Lotad and Sableye special. (Sapphire Shard)
  • Pokemon #3: Sometimes I think about becoming a DJ, but I don't want to Push It. (Spinda)
  • Item #3: The third of the third. (Emerald Shard)


  • Pokemon #1: It doesn't matter to me if there's room on the broom. (Murkrow)
  • Item #1: An important part of my favorite summer activity. (Charcoal)
  • Pokemon #2: Early in my career I went from a city full of rain to one with constant Thunder. (Durant)
  • Item #2: Time to clean these out of my fridge. (Leftovers)
  • Pokemon #3: Though young, I can definitely chirp! / Not getting this clue will really bug you. (Kricketot)
  • Item #3: I wouldn't say I'm a big flirt. I'm more a ____ (Small Charm)


  • Pokemon #1: I got this nickname when I lost control of my car while stopping. (Skiddo)
  • Item #1: I wonder how Mohs would rank me (Hard Stone)
  • Pokemon #2: An unhappy dog. (Houndour)
  • Item #2: Because I don't like the look of suspenders. (Blackbelt)
  • Pokemon #3: Am I a carrier, Egyptian Swift, or White-winged? (Pidove)
  • Item #3: Exact A. (X Accuracy)


  • Pokemon #1: I'm not a dog, but you may think of me if you say "There's no place like home". (Totodile)
  • Item #1: I wonder which is harder, this or the item attached to the other Golden riddle. (Smooth Diamond)
  • Pokemon #2: There's something about me that makes Sonic the Hedgehog want to be my friend. (Buizel)
  • Item #2: Since the 2009 Holiday promo, this is item has been used in the most Golden Promos. (Soft Sand)
  • Pokemon #3: Rearrange me and I become an Apple product. (Phione)
  • Item #3: You wouldn't expect to find me in the cosmetics aisle, but you can. (Charcoal)


  • Pokemon #1: King Arthur would have loved me. (Honedge)
  • Item #1: Only one Pokemon can benefit from me. / Found deep within the Caverns of Alph. (Griseous Orb)
  • Pokemon #2: The weakest of my kind. (Goomy)
  • Item #2: Late night fishing, anyone? / I can evolve Golden Pokemon #1 (Twilight Rod)
  • Pokemon #3: I’m definitely not a smooth stone. / TPPC’s first Alolan (Rockruff)
  • Item #3: The Kaiser Chiefs can't get enough of me. (Ruby Shard)


  • Pokemon #1: If you move, I'll bite ya. / Try counting to 3 in German (Deino)
  • Item #1: Are you feeling stronger yet? (Power Boost)
  • Pokemon #2: Not as German as you would think. (Blitzle)
  • Item #2: I create a Shield. (Twilight Orb)
  • Pokemon #3: The voice of the forest. (Celebi)
  • Item #3:I can be very chaotic. (Emerald Shard)

GoldenTurtwig / GoldenChimchar / GoldenPiplup

387M.gif 390M.gif 393M.gif
  • Pokemon #1: The clues for Pokemon #1 are other answers (Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup)
  • Item #1: Not exactly a marble, but probably could be used as one in a pinch (Smooth Pearl)
  • Pokemon #2: A late entry to the family, but not the latest. / I'd love the weather in the US today. (Glaceon)
  • Item #2: It's (not) Gore-Tex! (Metal Coat)
  • Pokemon #3: I'm one of eight, and within TPPC I might be a miracle. (Leafeon)
  • Item #3: Lou Phillips' early work / Depending on your partner, this might not lead to an engagement. (Rough Diamond)

GoldenVulpix (Alola)

  • Pokémon #1: Why would I use Chrome or Edge? This browser is made for me! (Vulpix)
  • Item #1: My missing vowels describe what we make up. / Vin Diesel might use me in a Fast and Furious movie / Rocket, Plasma, Magma, Aqua, Galactic (Team Boost)
  • Pokémon #2: My spots are a big deal. Even my eggs have spots! / My name might be more appropriate for a female sheep (Ledyba)
  • Item #2: I'd be worth something if you turned me into a bar. (Silver Powder)
  • Pokémon #3: April 20th to May 20th is my time to shine (Tauros)
  • Item #3: Two cookies each is very fair. (Exp Share)


  • Pokémon #1: My name may remind you of orange juice, but I'm more into bananas. (Tropius)
  • Item #1: Time to update the "Tw" in the footer to this. / Bullseye (X Accuracy)
  • Pokémon #2: A lot of grass Pokemon like music, but I make music / Who needs to sing? I want to shake it. (Maractus)
  • Item #2: Just add water! (Miracle Seed)
  • Pokémon #3: No limbs. All tail. / My evolution will leave you shaking in your boots. (Tympole)
  • Item #3: I can help jump over things. Like candlesticks! (Quick Claw)


  • Pokémon #1: A checkered board has 16 of me (Pawniard)
  • Item #1: If this Santana and Rob Thomas song had sold 10m units, it'd be this (Smooth Diamond)
  • Pokémon #2: Somewhere between a pedal bicycle and a diesel truck / If a Tesla ditched a wheel (Electrike)
  • Item #2: If Microsoft was a musician, this would be it's instrument of choice (Azure Flute)
  • Pokémon #3: Fun to shake, but watch out for my spikes (Maractus)
  • Item #3: If they made a movie about me, they probably make it with something speedier than Iron (Quick Claw)


  • Pokémon #1: Most likely found in an overgrown garden / I do this to clean up the garden (Weedle)
  • Item #1: Definitely not big and repulsive (Small Charm)
  • Pokémon #2: Don't trust any e-mails you get from this Pokemon (Corphish)
  • Item #2: You can't buy this on the stock exchange (Exp Share)
  • Pokémon #3: If Jiminy had a child (Kricketot)
  • Item #3: Why Pokemon #1's garden is the way it is (Miracle Seed)


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