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Normal ♂ Shiny ♂ Dark ♂ Golden ♂
390M.gif 390M.gif 390M.gif 390M.gif
Normal ♀ Shiny ♀ Dark ♀ Golden ♀
390F.gif 390F.gif 390F.gif 390F.gif


Base Stats

HP Attack Defense Special Atk Special Def Speed
44 68 44 58 44 61


  • Normal:

Obtained via Breeding.

Obtained via defeating Chimchar in battle (Appears randomly as a Wild Attacking Pokémon).

  • Shiny:

Obtained via Secret Swap.

  • Dark:

Obtained via Secret Swap.

  • Golden:

Not Available.

Additional Details

389.gif Torterra | 390.gif Chimchar | 391.gif Monferno
  • Shiny and DarkChimchar are obtained via Secret Swap at a low chance with a Ruby Shard attached to your starter.