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What Is The Research Lab?

TPPC has some of the best researchers in the world and their latest discoveries have been nothing short of mind-blowing. Unfortunately, spending all their time researching leaves little time to recover the precious materials they need for their experiments. To get these materials, they need to rely on TPPC trainers like you! Can you help them out?

How To Get There

Simply click the 'Research Lab' link under Challenges.

Precious Gems

Over the past few years, TPPC researchers have gotten better and better at refining raw materials into valuable items. Though experimental and prone to failure, if you can bring them enough raw materials, there's a chance they'll be able to turn them into something special to help your Pokémon adventure!

Research All Pokémon

The only way to learn about all of the Pokémon available is to catch every Pokémon! Any time you add a Pokémon to your Pokédex, our researchers are able to review the data, so please be sure to keep it updated! Keeping your Pokédex updated will also allow you to collect special Research Lab prizes based on completion.

If you're in a hurry, you can have the researchers update your Pokédex for you. Select "Update Pokédex" below to begin the process.

  • Note - Not all Pokémon are currently available in TPPC. Currently there are 759 different Pokémons available in TPPC.

wide-lens.png Pokédex Prizes:

Zygarde Cube

Zygarde is a particularly interesting Pokémon for TPPC researchers. Unlike most Pokémon which change and evolve outside of the Research Lab, the power of a Zygarde can only be unlocked through science. As you collect Zygarde Cores and Cells, the researchers will be able to use them to create and/or power up the legendary Pokémon 718.gif Zygarde.


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