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How to Train my Pokemon?

The most important part of TPPC is training. You may not need golds or rares to get started if you have the spirit to train! To start training you will need to have a Training Pokemon. Training pokemon are fighting type pokemon that have high attack and high speed stats that are useful for battle.

Here is the list of some commonly used training pokemon:

Using their Shiny/Dark/Golden forms could also help, but using a Dark form in the TPPC day or Shiny pokemon in TPPC night may lower their stats. So, choose a training pokemon you like and feel comfortable with, and don't forget to take into consideration the time of day you will mostly be on TPPC (before or past 6 PM TPPC time).

Blissey/Chansey Gym

After you have selected a training pokemon to start training with, you need to select a training account that your training pokemon can knock out in one hit (OHKO).

Here I have provided the link to the list of all Training Accounts. Choose the one closest to your training Pokémon's level and keep battling it to gain exp.


Using Close Combat with the Blissey/Chansey gym works the best, though you can use any other move that you feel works best for that gym. Using Close Combat with a Fighting type pokemon gives an additional STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) which is beneficial to K/O the Blissey/Chansey Gym.


Location: Exchange of Team Stats Points.

Cost: 4 or 5 Team Points

Function: Increases amount of Team Points per battle to either 4500 or 9000.

Location: Exchange of Team Stats Points.

Cost: 38 or 50 Team Points

Function: Doubles amount of money earned per battle.

Location: Chance to obtain one after winning a Deoxys.

Function: Increases speed stat by 10.

Location: Exchange of Team Stats Points

Cost: 3,750 or 5,000 Team Points

Function: Increases attack, but takes away 10% HP each turn

Location: Wobbuffet on Victory Path.

Function: Exp per battle is shared between Exp Share holders and the Battling pokemon.

Location: Kecleon in Treepath/Memorial Caves

Function: Boosts Accuracy.


  • Credit to Allzwll1 for creating the original guide.
  • Credit to Jzero and Twiggy for editing and updating.